Tempting fate

I didn’t buy any Halloween candy this year.

In the eight years I have lived in this house I have never gotten a trick or treater. Of course the six years that I turned the porch light off might not count.

There are practically no children in my neighborhood. I always bought candy though, you know just in case and always something I really liked. Ah yeah, can’t waste chocolate you know.

This year I didn’t. So now I can’t decide if I’m happy with that decision or not. Do you think any of the good candy will be left to go on sale tomorrow? At least I won’t have to worry about having my house TPed because I was the lady that handed out apples.


10 thoughts on “Tempting fate

  1. I used to pass out candy…I liked the kids that would come in home-made costumes, but then a few years ago I had a big group of rowdy teenagers that were not in costumes and showed up with grocery sacks and were extremely rude (and that is putting it nicely) so I became a lights out person.

    • I used to work downtown and they started this thing of a Halloween parade and then the businesses would hand out candy to the little kids. The second year teenagers showed up and not in costume. I refused them. I told them it was for the little kids and if they couldn’t even make the effort to wear a costume they weren’t getting any candy!

  2. DS,
    50% off, usually? And I am willing to help you decide if you should get some or not. Here’s my logic: buy some. And send them to me. I know. I’m full of fucking magnificent™ ideas like that.
    Le Clown

    • No candy and no trick or treaters! I really didn’t think I’d get any, I live in an area without any small kids. My neighborhood is actually pretty nice but some of the surrounding neighborhoods are still pretty sketchy. Most parents take their kids to the community events these days, it is easier and I think they feel safer doing that.

  3. Last year due to the Snowpocolypse that hit New England right before Halloween we had a boat load of trick or treaters (everyone without power brought their kids to the touristy trap where there was NO snow and there was power). I bought no candy, so I did the lights out, hide under the kitchen table thing…

    This year, I bought “healthier” snacks – organic kettle corn and organic cheesy poofs… and got 3 whole trick or treaters…. I really cannot eat either snack food…. so I don’t know what I am going to do with all of it….

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