Old? Boring? How about neither?

Or maybe both? Hell who cares? I’m having fun, I think.

All I seem to do for the last few weeks is work, walk, run, bike and homework. That’s OK with me. I am getting stronger, faster and hopefully smarter. Might not seem exciting but I’ll take it. When my life gets exciting it usually means something hit the fan.

I am really happy to be enjoying exercising again. For the last few months I was just doing it because. Because I needed to. To stay in shape, to eat chocolate without gaining weight, to manage my stress, but not because I enjoyed it. So it is good to do it for all those reasons but also because it is fun again.

I think it is because I got a new bike and now I can possibly really hurt myself if I crash, something about that adrenaline rush of going fast and knowing it is going to be bad if I hit the pavement. I mean I am not the most graceful of people. I have fallen off my bike, it just isn’t so bad when you do it really slowly. If anything it must look quite comical, like something in a Benny Hill skit.

Something to do with going fast has inspired me to try running again. It might be that does burn more calories, hence I can eat more chocolate chips mixed with peanut butter. I walk fast but even walking at over 4 mph (fools my gps into thinking I’m jogging) it doesn’t burn the same calories as running. Cookie and gravy season is coming, not together unless Ben and Jerry comes out  with a cookie and gravy ice cream and then you bet I’ll try it.

So the running thing, my knees are not happy about it. I think I will keep at it for a while longer and see if they get better. Besides I am sure I am bringing joy into people’s lives, if you think I am a klutz on a bike you ought to see me try to run. I certainly feel like a herd of three legged elephants trundling down the road, I don’t even want to think about what I look like. I am sure someone must find this amusing. If they’re laughing I wouldn’t know because between the sweat pouring into my eyes and the sound of my labored breathing I can barely see or hear where I am going. I don’t remember running being so damn difficult, but then again I don’t remember running unless I was being chased. That might change ones perspective.

I know I look like the second picture and that is one a good day.

These are the things I do to entertain myself. Damn if you had told me how much fun growing up was going be, I would have shot myself. Of course I supposed this beats drinking myself into oblivion but how would I remember? You know that oblivion part kinda makes it hard  to remember why I thought that was fun.

9 thoughts on “Old? Boring? How about neither?

  1. I hear you! I’ve been running/working out for years. There have been times that I really enjoyed it and times I did it just so I could eat more cookies! Lately, I’ve just been going through the motions and, with “weight season” coming, I need to kick it into a higher gear! (Because I’m not giving up those cookies!)
    Sidebar – you might be alone on that ice cream!

    • It is so much easier to work out when you are enjoying it! I go through the phases too but with the holidays coming it was a bit frightening to be in one of the down swings. Short, cold days and high sugar foods without exercise is a depression waiting to happen!
      Did you try B&J’s Schweddy Balls last year? Turn it into ice cream, give it controversial name and I’ll at least try it once.

      • I never even knew that existed! Have to keep my eye out.
        I totally agree with the exercise. I get up early to get it done. If I have a day where I talk myself into staying in bed, I feel horrible the rest of the day. Even if it’s a bad workout, I need to get it in!

  2. I’m just a plain ole walker..I would love to get outside and walk, but the neighborhood is too bad (no surprise there!) I have a treadmill and I crank my music up!
    and I loved the photo – it really made me laugh.

  3. I think about taking up running… And that’s as far as I get. I’m glad you’re enjoying your exercise – it must mean something positive. And I mean other than being able to eat more cream cakes. I must apologise, I’m suffering a bit of a brain fail this evening.

    • I’m trying to add it into my routine. I don’t usually hike in the winter, that snow thing puts a damper on it for me. I walk and bike so I figure I will try some running for a change of pace. I just want to maintain my weight and it is harder to do the older I get. I really need to get back into weight lifting again. Eh one thing at a time.

      • Yeah, no matter how much they tell us to multi-task, there are certain things that we can’t do together. (An example would be having sex and baking a cake – you could try but I suspect it might be very messy and result in burnt cake. And as someone who’s promised to live as if she’s taken a vow of celibacy, well, I’d rather not risk burnt cake!)

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