Down with daylight savings

11 thoughts on “Down with daylight savings

  1. There once was a hair dresser from the Northwest
    who said this time shift shit must be addressed.
    “Getting dressed in the dark
    is more than a lark.
    It’s almost enough to make me depressed.”

        • Long story, short version, Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the plan. First the prerequisites for a RN program and then after hopefully I can get into the University of Washington. They have articulation agreements with most of the nursing programs. I’m looking at a very long time in school, at my age it is now or never if I want to pursue this. So I guess it is now.

          • Good luck. My wife works in a hospital (not as a nurse), and she has some interesting stories to tell. My sister is a nurse practitioner, and she also has some interesting tales, name and many details edited out to not violate privacy rights, but even with details removed, some interesting tales, and not all of them about the patients.

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