Random musings from the farm

Things pass through my brain and then are gone. Strange thoughts soon to be lost but then I decided maybe I’d try to remember them and write a post about it. Lucky you, feel free to leave now.

Why are girls clothing getting tighter as boys are getting looser? It has gotten to the point of craziness.

I have no idea how some of those girls even get into their pants or how the boys defy the laws of gravity with theirs. I think there should be some middle ground here. How about everyone just wear clothes that actually fit? You know ones you can actually breath in but not use as a car cover in a pinch.

Pitch black outside and two men are standing on my porch. Scared the shit out of me. When they knocked I yelled “Who is it?”  They replied with “Missionaries.” I won’t repeat what I said but they left. This is not the first time this has happened. How the hell do I know they are missionaries? You think I am opening my door to two strange men at night? Hell no! WTF are they thinking? I know I was tempted to open the door and point a gun at them. Just for a second. But I’d never do that, it breaks one of the cardinal rules of gun ownership, don’t point a gun at someone you’re not planning on shooting. But it did cross my mind. Don’t judge, the look on their faces would have been priceless.



Recipe websites, I love them, they are great for finding new ideas. I don’t bake much anymore because I am a killer baker and I eat it. Who bakes yummy, rich treats and then has the will power to not eat it? But here is my beef, most sites have a rating/comment section for people to talk about the recipe or any changes they tried. You see these comments from people trashing the recipe and then it goes on to say they made all these god awful substitutions! Don’t trash a recipe if you didn’t actually follow it. If you decide to remove all the sugar, fat, salt, gluten, protein etc of course it is going to taste like shit basically you are left with water and smelly air. It isn’t the original recipe’s fault you got something that tastes like stale soylent green. There are websites for people like you, try hipsterveganrecipe.com or allergictoeverythingincludingair.com.

Speaking of making good things to eat, I found a recipe for glazed mixed nuts I have been dying to try. What was I thinking? I can’t stay out of them. Yes I tweaked the recipe, I know what I like and I wanted to add some heat to them. They were a sweet/salty mix and I knew I’d like them with just a bit of heat. Yep they are good, too damn good.

Oh and back to the poor choice of pants I’ll leave you with this. Jeggings look horrible on everyone, especially men.

Even Conan O’Brian pull off jeggings!

9 thoughts on “Random musings from the farm

  1. Agreed, jeggings are an abomination and all should be burnt. Likewise skinny jeans – there are two boys (well, they’re in their mid-20’s, they’re male and younger than me, so they’re boys – and they’re gay, which means they’re boys in my mind) I know who only own skinny jeans and I’m sure they’re doing it to show off their, erm, attributes. Which (to me at least) is not attractive. I mean, you have to leave something to the imagination, right?

  2. I love to wear jeans. Especially a good pair that fits just right and isn’t too long. I’ve seen the guys that wear the ‘skinny’ jeans (don’t really care for those on guys, either) AND in the Hood, the guys wear their jeans belted at their thighs with their boxers showing (can’t stand that look either!) If your a lady and if you have to lay down on the bed to zip your pants up – for Godsake, buy a bigger size.
    Missionaries, huh? (I don’t think I would have answered the door, either)

    • I can remember when I wore tight pants, now the thought makes me cringe. We didn’t have the stretch jeans kids today do, at least when I wore them they smoothed things and held you in, today you see every lump and bump. Ehwww.
      Yes the missionaries and I have an ongoing thing. I keep asking them to not come to my house and they keep sending people. Depending on the mood they catch me in I can be polite or just go off on them. But I really get PO’d at them showing up at night. Really two strange men standing on your porch in the dark? I’m not opening the door, for all I know it is a scam and they aren’t even missionaries. It was better when my dogs weren’t old and deaf, the boys used to sound like they were going to tear them.

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