Riding in the rain

I think I’ve made it known I hate riding in the rain, but I took a chance.

I had a good morning, got an A on my math exam. Was feeling kind of lucky so even though there was the threat of rain, I decided to ride into town. There is always rain possible this time of year, the question is how hard, for  how long and when is it going to rain. It doesn’t rain all the time, just most of the time in the winter. An entire day without some form of water coming from the sky is a treat in the winter. One where it is also not overcast sends the natives into frenzies. Here I’ll show you the weather forecast for today.

This is what the forecast will look like for the next four months, at least. Well except it will get colder and they might throw in some snowflakes to freak us out. We don’t do snow very well in case you hadn’t heard.

OK still not sure it rains here a lot? Here is the forecast from the other local channel.

Hmm, I’ll take this one. It has more pictures of the sun, doesn’t mean it will happen but I’m optimistic like that.

So the question wasn’t if it was going to rain but whether I could ride into town and back without getting completely soaked. Ah, nope. It started to drizzle about 3/4 of the way into town, but hey one of the things about living here is if you don’t like the weather wait ten minutes or drive ten miles. This time of the year five is more accurate, as fast as the weather can blow in it can also blow out.

So I did my errand and decided to warm up and get myself a treat. Hoped the rain might stop by the time I had an espresso and a nut tart. Well the weather did change, it went from drizzle to actual rain. I should have known, cause not only did I take a chance it wouldn’t rain on me, I didn’t bother put on waterproof shoes or my rain pants.

By the time I got to the big downhill on my way home, my shoes were so full of water I could feel them slosh on every down-stroke. I literally wrung my socks out when I got home. Now I remember why I don’t like riding in the rain, because I’m an idiot! I have rain gear. I guess if I am going to commit to riding in the winter I’ll just have to get used to riding in pants that feel like plastic. I still haven’t found a pair of gloves that are truly wind and waterproof.

But yes I did get an A on my math exam! And when I finally got to see what I missed on the one before I was able to show that my answer was equivalent to the correct one but the computer didn’t recognize it! So yeah me, I got an A on that one too! Now if I can just not blow it in the next three weeks I will possible pull off an A for this class, at the very least I will get a B. That would make me very happy, because I am signing up for the next class Intermediate Algebra next semester. All right maybe I’m not an idiot but I am certainly not sane, must be all the rain.

8 thoughts on “Riding in the rain

  1. Hell Yeah to the A! Riding a bike in the rain does not sound like fun…I’ve been on the back of a mortorcylce in the rain and snow/sleet…not much fun either!

    • I know I’m ecstatic over my grades so far! I think I’d rather be on a bike in the rain, at least I was relatively warm. Actually it is very motivating to pedal like crazy when you’re in the rain!

        • Not until the last couple of years. Weather patterns have been weird. Early and really late snows, ones that do stick around and freeze.
          Most of my life it would snow, melt and be gone within 24 hours. The last few years we have had snow that came, added some more and stuck around for 5-7 days. Completely paralyzes us, we aren’t used to it, don’t have the equipment to deal and most our roads are designed to shed rain so driving is a nightmare! But still those storms have only come recently and I hope they go away again.

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