It is official

The holiday season has officially started. Harumph.

I don’t remember when I started to dislike them. But I do. There has been some improvement, I don’t despise them anymore. Now days I just try to get through them with the minimal amount of teeth grinding. Some years more successfully than others.

I think I have to log off F***book soon. Last year I got a little rabid as the angry atheist and this year I have vowed to not respond to all the put christ back in christmas shit. I swear this is the least christian time of the year. Absolutely no tolerance for other beliefs, as if the dead of winter is their time and their’s alone. Of course completely ignoring that there have been religions and rituals that predate theirs hundreds if not thousands of years. See? Just get me started and I don’t stop.

Anywhoos there are things I do like about this time of year. The food is good. Some of the decorations are amazing and pretty. When we do get a sunny day in the Northwest it is so bright and clear it almost hurts the eyes. It is like the weather is trying to cram in all the light we didn’t get in the previous three weeks. By the way we aren’t having one of those days but we could really use one!

Other things I hate dislike about christmas, the music, other than possibly some of the classical stuff, if I hear the little drummer boy I think I will kill someone. Children are even more whacked this time of the year and as if parents weren’t overly permissive these days; it really gets obnoxious this time of the year. With the recent spat of s&m novels being read this year I think we should consider giving and using ball gags on kids.

I almost never go to the mall, I can and do go years without stepping in one. But suddenly this time of the year I have some desire to go to the one near by and then I remember that it will be filled with people (and un-gagged children). So I don’t go but it annoys me. Strangely enough this desire goes away around Jan 3rd. It is a good thing that I refrain from going because it is almost guaranteed that I would hear the little drummer boy and go on a killing spree.

Seriously this is creepy looking! Like horror movie creepy.

So happy holidays, kwanzaa, hanukkah, yule, solstice, yalda, boxing day, new years, hogmanay or whatever floats your boat!

I am off to eat at a restaurant with friends. No I won’t be having turkey, doing that this Sunday with other friends. Like I said the food is good. If I stuff myself into oblivion I won’t have the energy to cause mayhem.

8 thoughts on “It is official

  1. I dislike the holidays, I don’t mind the giving part, although I’d rather give myself many more pairs of shoes most of the time. Children should totally be ball gagged, the advertisement that is centered to children is so crazy and in yo face, no wonder they go completely nuts.

  2. You’re just great. I love your straightforwardness and that you speak your mind. I enjoy Christmas, it’s a big tradition at my house (but I don’t celebrate for religious reasons) I like giving and cooking. I do think most people go nuts at this time of the year. I hate the over crowded stores, the congested traffic and I’m ususally ready to stab my eyes out with scissors over the X-mas music!

  3. As a trainee nun, I’m clearly a reasonably committed Christian – but even those “put Christ back into Christmas” people get on my nerves. Especially when people start complaining about those who are aware that there are a lot of festivals celebrated at this time of year and use the greeting “happy holidays”. “Holiday” comes from “holy day” being turned into one word. What is wrong with wishing people a happy holy day?

    Oh dear, must get off my own soap box there… I understand your pain. It doesn’t help that in the shops here in the UK, they start advertising Christmas stuff almost as soon as the kids have gone back to school in September, so we’re heartily sick of it before we even get to 1st December. (And being in a choir is just as bad – some choirs start singing carols as soon as the summer holidays/vacations are over.)

    • I think a lot of my dislike is fatigue. It is this huge commercialized thing. I like the idea, who doesn’t want peace and joy? But people are so stressed out it seems to have the opposite effect; everyone is crabby, bitchy and intolerant.
      So I have decided to try and take my own advice and stay out of it. I’m going to ignore the whole thing, except for the cookie part!
      By the way if you weren’t a committed Christian I’d be a little concerned with the nun thing.

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