Search terms going commando

I love it when people do posts about their blog’s strange and funny search terms.

Going commando is always at the top of mine. I love you people, keeping it classy!

Some of my favorites are:

  1. put my combat boots on and go commando ~I think I might have to do more commanding posts, they seem to be popular.
  2. stress relieving by using filament ~No I don’t recommend this. Use a sock or something.
  3. ass tights ~OK might be related to the commando thing, I think I’ll take this as a compliment.
  4. “short men” ~The quotations are not mine. Not a clue, personally I like tall men.
  5. chickens dying in a nice way ~Please don’t call PETA.
  6. butt pad diaper ~Uhm, well there is a definite maybe a trend here.
  7. cycling long tights instead of shaving ~Yeah I hate shaving too.
  8. drag queen leg shaving ~All right maybe a shaving thing too. Do I post about shaving a lot? Funny because I don’t do it much.
  9. she spit no floor told me to clean it?
  10. ephemerol flu vaccine ~Yeah and get tested too while you’re at it.
  11. yes i am a bitch, just not yours ~I love this one. Maybe this should be my motto! 

So have you ever gone and looked at your search engine terms? What is the weirdest thing that you seen? The funniest?

I also get a lot of Demi Moore/pixie haircut, but that is boring.

22 thoughts on “Search terms going commando

  1. Nearly everyone of my searches relates to boy armpit hair! Either their are a lot of prepubescent boys googling about ‘the change’ or this world really is full of sick-os!
    In the effort to have full disclosure, I plan on using the line from #10 at work…A LOT.
    Have a great Friday!!

    • I love looking at them it makes you wonder about the human race. Armpit hair??? Hmmm, maybe I’ll tag a post with that and see what happens, I seem to have the drag queen shaving thing going this might fit in nicely.

  2. Ha! (so funny!) #11 is priceless! (I’ve never done one of these types of posts before, but I think they are great!) I did a post about my niece once, who I dubbed Monkey Ears, ’cause I think she’s cute, but she has some really big ears – I got all kinds of searches for monkey ears…it was weird! I almost did a post entitled: Dammit, I do NOT own a Monkey!

    • It can be fun and a bit disturbing to see what people search for and find your blog under. I’m no expert but Dashboard then Site stats and should be a box with search engine terms, click on summaries and then you can see them by the past day, week, month and all time. I’d be interested to see what yours are.
      Just to mess with things I sometimes tag my posts with weird things to see if anything will happen. 🙂

      • I like your thinking. I’ve only got one search term now I’ve checked; “order of the paraclete” which given that I belong to the Order of the Holy Paraclete seems reasonable.

        I hope I don’t get some of the more, er, interesting terms turning up, as given that I’ve not been exactly quiet about being in OHP, if that were to happen and it get back to them I suspect my internet useage would be severely curtailed.

          • Yeah, that was in the all time report, there was nothing for today and nothing for yesterday. I’m clearly not interesting enough (yet).

            Providing I’m sensible with what I blog, I’ll be allowed to keep it; I just need to remember to be sensible and to remember that there are parts of Community Life which need to stay within the Community.

              • Not really, it’s more like business decisions that the world doesn’t need to know. Or discussions about how to do something or who is going to do something. The technical term is “claustral” and what it means is that there are parts of our live which is private – there are claustral areas in any convent where visitors aren’t allowed to go and so in the same token there are claustral areas in our minds and also things which get discussed which are classed as claustral.

                Does that make sense?

              • The interesting reply would be “that would be telling”. The truth is “no, it’s not that interesting”. In fact, it’s probably a bit like being in an all-female halls of residence at uni, only with no sex.

  3. This is great. Number 5 is definitely my favorite, which is weird b/c I have a thing about chicken… Anyway, I stand with you on avoiding shaving, especially now that razors look so threatening. And for better or worse, I sported that Demi Moore Ghost look loud and proud back in the day.

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