More random shit from my brain

Another one of those I haven’t got the mojo to write a coherent post but there is a bunch of random things ricocheting around in my brain.

I am really liking not hating this christmas season so far. Mostly because it doesn’t seem like christmas, the weather is mild, people aren’t acting all batshit stressed, I only heard christmas music today. I must remember to call the grocery store and ask them to turn that shit down, it was loud. Who the hell wants to hear a crappy modern version of a christmas carol when trying to find pretzels?

We have all these bumper stickers around here that say Save the tatas , I ♥ tatas, or I love my tatas. You know breast cancer awareness stuff. That got me to thinking, are there bumper stickers that say I ♥ my tata? Or how about I hate my tatas, they tried to kill me?

Actually we have lots of bumper stickers in this town, most of them are of the extremely liberal type. That is why two of my favorites are I didn’t claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables, extra points given for having it above the I love my food co-op one. And my favorite Nuke a gay whale for Christ. Dude has seriously got some cojones to have that on his car around here. I wonder how often he gets his car keyed?

I have one more week of school, just the final to take and I figured it out, I could nuclear bomb it and pass. I mean I could get a D and I would still just squeak out an A. I could just not show up to take the final and I would still pass this class. Of course this is assuming I calculated that correctly, it is a math class, and I suck at math. For some reason I find this amusing.

Being relatively thin, it sucks. I am not joking. I used to be fat and I ate everything. It was great. I loved eating all the chocolate and cookies this time of year. I once got six one pound boxes of See’s candies for christmas and I refused to share any of them. No joking, I took and locked them in my car so my co-workers couldn’t get to them! I would get on the nut kickscale maybe once a year and I would have gained oh two or three pounds for the year (yeah now multiply that times 25 years). No big deal and I loved, still do, food. Chocolate, cookies, butter, bread, pasta, cake, doughnuts never met one I didn’t like. Not only did I only gain a few pounds every year but it was practically unnoticeable. Now I eat like that for a few days and I gain five pounds and it shows. I don’t need to get on the scale, I can see it. It sucks. I literally have to work my ass off. Oh and the first place I lost weight? The boobs. Really if there were a god I would kick him in the cojones.

I think I like the people that post funny cat pictures all the time better than the ones that constantly post pithy inspirational sayings. I mean yeah once in a while one of those will resonate with me. But all the time? That is all you post? You have no life, that is why your damn life sucks: no inspirational saying is going to change that. Quit waiting for things to magically change, it isn’t going to happen. Here’s a saying for you, God is telling you if you want something get off you fucking ass! Get off Facebook and go do something for christ sake!

12 thoughts on “More random shit from my brain

  1. Seriously, I have gained back most of the weight I lost when I went Gluten and sugar free… damned the gluten free chips I found and the wonderful cheesecake recipe… I *was* down to a size 6… and now I am back up to an 8….on my way to a 10….

    And with school, I have NO time to exercise. (no more chips and baked goods in this house)

    oh and speaking of school – YAY for doing so well in your math class! This week is the “last week” of “class” and next week is finals…. I am sooo looking forward to the break.

    • Be good to have a break. Yep the evening munchies will really add up, the body is tired so if you can’t go to sleep and who can then you tend to crave food.
      Enjoy your winter break and maybe you can get in some exercise. I consider it a win if I maintain my weight over the holidays, There isn’t a chance I’m going to lose any!

  2. Hurrah for random brain dumps! And yes, being inspirational is fine, in say, a greetings card, but not as your daily status update. Not that I can remember my last status update on the joy of Facebook. But never mind.

    I’d post you a cat picture but I’m feeling quite lazy just now and so can’t be bothered to find one for you.

    • Funny dog or squirrel pics are good too. Like I said inspirational quotes are good or useful when you find one that really resonates with how you are feeling but to post multiple ones daily then they lose their effectiveness. That’s my opinion and they piss me off by blowing up my timeline with that stuff, it is a good way to get me to hide that person. Hey maybe that is their true reason for doing it, sneaky.

        • Way too much common sense. I know why she posts these things; life isn’t giving her what she wants. I have to bite my tongue because I just want to tell her to quit bitchin’ and go do something. Posting cute little sayings isn’t going to change anything, action might. It isn’t even that she is doing it, it’s that she has been doing this for months! She likes the sympathy attention. I think it is time to block her for a while, so that I don’t have to see it.

          • Oh, someone for whom it’s not their fault that their life has gone to the dogs, it’s the fault of the universe being against them. Yeah, hide her from your feed for the sake of (what is left of) your sanity.

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