I had hoped to be writing a post about having taken my math final and being done with this class! But no!

I thought that my final exam would be available to take tonight and I have been studying and getting ready to just do it. But then when I went to open it I found out it won’t be available until tomorrow. God damn it all. I was ready, well as ready as I could be for math. I planned it to peak today.

Now I have to re-figure when I’m going to take it. I have long days and late nights to work and then there is the Holiday Building Party I am helping with and attending. *sigh* I wanted  to be done with it and enjoy my weekend but it looks like I won’t have time to do it until Saturday now.

Well at least my cookies are baked for the party. If only I can keep from eating them! They are those lighter than air, delicate melt in your mouth, absolutely fantastic sugar cookies I am famous for. No not those nasty, craptastic rolled ones with icing and look like snowmen and Santa.  I know those are the normal kind to make this time of year but I go for the delicate, crisp, airy ones that taste like spun sugar.

At least I had time to color my hair so I will look good for the party, I guess it is a good for business thing if I don’t have an inch of grow out, specially since my hair isn’t much longer than two inches. So hopefully I will be done with this class by the weekend. Damned good thing, because I checked the calendar and I start the next quarter on the 27th. Suck! I thought for sure I would have until after the first before I had to get back at it. So much for getting caught up on things before the craziness begins again. Now suddenly I have a ton to do in two weeks instead of just a lot to do in three. No rest for the wicked.

Next up finding time to organize for my taxes so I won’t be doing that while trying to do finals for three classes. Yup, crazy ass me decided to sign up for Intermediate Algebra, Cell Biology and English next. All while working and running a business. The bright side is you might not have to listen to me bitch much cause something is going to have to give and my sanity all ready went out the window.

8 thoughts on “Damn!

    • Thanks I’m going to need all the luck I can get! This coming quarter will be a test to see if I can do a full course load and work too. I did it years ago but I’m not so egotistical that I am sure I have the energy to do it now. I’m going to try and see how it goes. I have planned it out I don’t expect the English to be too difficult, the Algebra will be tough and the Biology is kind of the wild card. I liked Biology in high school. Two of these classes are online; I do well with online classes.

  1. You’ll do great! (I’m crazy enough, I’d have sat up until midnight and taken it then to get it checked off the list. I’m a freaky list person!) Have fun at you party this weekend and enjoy the relaxing while you can!

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