Hot damn and a hundred!

WordPress just informed me that this will be my one hundredth post.

Hmmm, suddenly feeling like this post should be serious or philosophical, or at least something important and memorable. I’m having a spat of self-consciousness. Well that is over with.

Short, grey, damp and cold days. The solstice can't get here soon enough for me.

I did not get a hundred on my math final. I got a ninety three, good enough to keep my average up and I should get an A. I really felt laissez faire about the final, until I submitted it and found out I missed two. Now I’m feeling all competitive and pissy wanting to know what I got wrong. I did well enough to achieve my goal but I still can’t let it go, can we say competitive to a fault?

Had to do the warehouse shopping thing, that means driving to the next town, on a Saturday in December. Ehgads, not the way I wanted to celebrate finishing my math class but it had to be done. I decided it wasn’t going to be a total loss since there are some biking trails up there that I haven’t tried out, so I threw the bike into the back of the truck and pulled on some wool tights under my biking tights. Too hell with the fact that I feel a little weird meandering around in Costco in skin tight bike tights. I’ma gonna get me some exercise damn it.

Even though I had called to make sure my prescription was in, there was a bit of a problem and I had to wait forty minutes for it. I just plopped myself in the chair and waited, because I have learned the hard way it is very expensive to meander around Costco. I always find something I need and such a deal. Nope not spending money on anything that isn’t on my list. My friends have been laughing cause I only seem to know where like five things are at Costco, I told them I can’t afford to know where all the extras are. I literally go and get what I need and get out.  I’m pretty sure either I’ll be dead or the stuff will be expired by the time I eat say fifty pounds of pita chips. Some things would last but what am I supposed to do get rid of my bed and sleep on the 7200 rolls of TP? How long would it take me to use up three tubes of toothpaste that are the size of my forearm? Some things are not a good deal, though I suppose I could use the toothpaste as draft guards on my doors.

I did get a quick ride in, good thing I took the bike with me! Short, grey, damp and cold days. The solstice can’t get here soon enough for me. I am pretty sure that the coconut macaroon I picked up on my way home probably negated all the calories I burned biking, but isn’t that why I do it? So I can eat more cookies?!


10 thoughts on “Hot damn and a hundred!

    • I hope you do well! I have to get through stats, and math is my Achilles’ heel. All my plans to go back to school sort of hinged on doing well in this class. I am more than thrilled to have done well in this class. If I couldn’t get over my math block it was all over. Up next intermediate Algebra…

  1. Congrats on the 100th post! If I remember the first couple of posts, and the dread you had about the math course and then we told you, but you’re going to ace it and get an A and a great score of 93 – you probably would have jumped for joy! Now that it’s over….look at you – wanting a 100 dangit! I actually, love your determination and competiveness. You kicked Math’s ass…..

  2. I hear you on wanting to know what you got wrong! Don’t think of it as competitiveness, think of it as wanting to continue your self-improvement by making sure you’ve got this level completely understood before you use it as a base for the next level.

    And I understand the requirements to not know where things are in a store. The worst thing I find about going into a supermarket is seeing stuff on offer and then instantly wanting it just because it’s on offer. I am clearly some sort of idiot who is easily suckered into these things. It’s a good thing to have the vow of poverty as a form of restraint these days (even though I’ve not taken the vow yet).

    • Yep that is why I only go to certain sections of Costco. I don’t realize I need something until I see this great deal on it! Amazing how much money you can save if you don’t buy all the things that you “need”.

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