Town Hall in Vienna, Austria

Town Hall in Vienna, Austria

So many beautiful places I’d like to see. I love to see these astounding photos of these amazing places but it also makes me sad. I wonder will I ever be able to see this in real life? I would like to. Well the internet is good for something. This and funny cat pictures.


10 thoughts on “Town Hall in Vienna, Austria

    • Money and well…money! I have done a little traveling in Europe but never Austria or for that matter Australia.
      A lot of people from this area do go to Australia because of the New Zealand Wooden Boat Festival it seems to be kissing cousins with our Wooden Boat Festival.
      So many places I would like to see, never know maybe I will get there!

      • money stopping me too, though I’ve spent what I’ve had over the years mostly going places. If you can afford the airfare, you can usually get away with quite little for the rest. Have you ever heard of couch surfing?

  1. Oh, wow, that is beautiful!

    If you’re thinking of travelling, this suggestion might seem a bit odd, but seriously look at Religious Communities where ever you want to stay. The ones who offer hospitality as a general rule won’t charge a set fee, they’ll just ask for a donation, and will also be able to tell you a lot about the local areas (and you don’t have to go to any of their services if you don’t want to).

    • That is a fantastic idea. Hopefully I will get to travel again, maybe not soon but you never know. I plan on traveling again, ironically I have seen more of Europe than I have my own country! I would like to go back East when the leaves are turning and there are some national parks I want to hike, camping is a cheap way to go.

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