Wandering mind

My mind wanders to strange places.

Getting a massage today and my masseuse and I begin talking about stress, which lead to Buddhists and the term monkey mind.

That makes me laugh and comment about the fact that most people I know that practice Buddhism do so because they have monkey minds and this is why I find them so aggravating. Not that I don’t often have a monkey mind, the difference is I’m not usually trying to rein it in. I actually enjoy my minds wanderings.

Example: Buddhist, monkey mind, orangutan, Clint Eastwood, spaghetti westerns, that movie he was in with an orangutan. See this is fun! I went from religion to old movies with hot old dude in less than two seconds.

Hot old dude before he got old with monkey.

Hot old dude (before he got old) with monkey.

Monkey mind can be helpful, what is more stress relieving than laughing while getting a massage?

8 thoughts on “Wandering mind

    • Sometimes if you just let it go and follow along it can be fun. Give it a few minutes to run around and tire itself out kind of like an overactive kid then it is easier to calm it down. I actually find it funny at times where my mind wanders off to.

  1. I have no idea what ‘monkey mind’ means, but I always did think Clint Eastwood was one bad-ass dude! (I like his western/Dirty Harry movies, the best)

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