I was going to post something nice.

Last night I wrote this thoughtful post on finding a moment of tranquility.

I spent quite some time contemplating, writing and editing a post. Something semi serious and, at least I thought, a nice post about dealing with stress.

Then either WP or the internet fucking glitched and lost most of my post! So screw it! There went all my damned hard earned peace! The world is not meant to know the kind, sweet gentle me; oh hell she doesn’t even exist for all you know!  So back to normal.

This is me being tranquil ~ NOT

~ This is me being tranquil ~

By the way I did not find my tranquility in a glass, or a bottle for that matter. Did you know I used to be a bartender? No? Yes, I was a good one too, or at least I made good money doing it. But I just couldn’t handle all the damn drunks. Seriously. Did you know that if you add enough alcohol everyone, and I mean everyone, becomes stupid, angry or morose. Yep, if you add enough alcohol it will happen. I hate talking to stupid people. You can not have a conversation with stupid.  You are too drunk when I am telling you you’re a moron and you think it’s a compliment. Not that I like angry or sad people, but at least with angry drunks I could just throw them out. It is a little harder with depressed ones (aren’t all drunks depressed), I had to ignore them until they became total pain in the asses and then I could throw them out.

So anyways, not a bartender anymore. Interestingly I pretty much gave up drinking after that. Did I mention everyone becomes stupid with alcohol? I hate being stupid, so I quit drinking.

So I became a hair stylist. No comments about being stupid.

A lot of the same people but at least they are sober. Smart, interesting sober people are better than drunks. A smart, interesting drunk person is still drunk and it tends to cancel out the first two things. I still deal with angry and sad people sometimes but it is easier to understand to them when they aren’t slurring their words and repeating themselves.

Happy Holidays from the angry atheist!

Happy Holidays from the Angry Atheist!

15 thoughts on “I was going to post something nice.

  1. Thanks for making me laugh! Yes, I spoke with a woman I believed to have been drunk yesterday — just briefly — thank goodness! And the stupid was there — believe me! Hey, I’ll be you have quite a few good bar tales to tell. I used to be one of those bar people and admittedly, one of the drunks from time to time, so I feel your pain. Hehehe — “The world is not meant to know the kind, sweet gentle me” — I say give it another shot. But still I could stand to do with your posting as is 🙂

    • I have been on the other side of the bar too, way too much. Bar tending was a good lesson. Yes I saw a lot, lots of things that were both funny and sad. I was definitely less kind and gentle then, age has mellowed me! Maybe someday I’ll write about that and if the inteweb gods don’t smite me I’ll post it.

  2. I used to practically LIVE at a bar in my hometown while I was in college. (Hi my name is THAM and I am an alcoholic…)

    I was a cognizant alchy. I saw the desperation, the depression, the total lack of hope all around me in that pub. I had “friends” that would piss themselves when they passed out at the bar. I had “friends” that would pass out mid-sentence and just FALL.

    I had bartenders sooo drunk that they could barely stand, let alone pour a decent drink.

    Now that I am sober, I don’t like being around people drinking. They annoy the hell out of me. Probably because they remind me of me… and my time drowning my anxiety in the drink…..


    • Bartenders in my state aren’t allowed to drink, thank goodness or my story might have had a very different ending. I had to suffer through my shifts sober and because of that I saw things that change how I viewed alcohol. I come from a family with addiction problems so it is a good thing I don’t drink anymore.
      A (semi)alert and happy drunk will always get served long after a angry or depressed one gets cut off. I don’t always think it is a blessing to remember your drinking days so clearly. Some things are better forgotten.

      • I don’t think the bartenders are allowed to drink on-shift here in my state either.. BUT no one actually followed the rules…. after the state went NO SMOKING inside, we still used to smoke in the bar (yes, I was a heavy smoker too)

        Hell, after hours – they would still serve us and we’d hang out and continue to drink til the sun came up. (Closing time was 1 am on weekdays and 2 am on weekends)…

        It is a wonder the place went belly-up….

  3. Well, I hate that you lost your moment of tranquility post…(WP/internet can be frustrating when it screws up). I still enjoyed this one! I can’t imagine being a bartender (even though I love me some cold beer and a shot of tequila every once in awhile – I don’t much care for people who have major personality changes when they drink.) The ‘angry’ drunk kinda scares me and the ‘whiny’ drunk – gets on my nerves. (I bet you do have some wild stories!)
    Happy Holidays to you!

  4. I can only hope you don’t cut hair when you are angry. Happy Holidays to you. I’m sorry WP ate your post. My only suggestion would be to type out your posts in Word or some other program first, the cut and paste into the WordPress. That is what I usually do. That way, if WP eats my writing, I can cut and paste again.

  5. I’ve waited tables in licenced establishments and served behind the bar in a couple of pubs. And yeah, drunks are really annoying. In fact, they’re even more annoying when they’re your friends and you’re the designated driver and you’re tired and you want to go home and then one of them refuses to leave the club and the other throws up in your car… That particular night out also resulted in my losing my voice.

    I hope that you have a happy and peaceful celebration of the holidays in whatever way fits for you.

      • Yes, a Sung Mass on Christmas Day morning, plus other celebrations and the Sisters from the Branch Houses arriving to join us. It’s going to be a bit weird not seeing my family, but I should get to phone them.

        Dinner out and time with friends is a very good way to spend Christmas or any holiday. Being with the people who love us, whom we love back, is an unbeatable feeling.

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