Did you know?

Zooming around the interweb, something I have been spending too much time doing lately.

But I find so much knowledge, things I never knew about and probably never needed to know about. That auto finish on google when you start to type something in and it tries to guess what you want before you finish, you know like that annoying friend (that would be me) that never lets you finish a sentence.

So things I have found, knowledge that must be passed on so that your brain can be cluttered up like Aunt Methuselah’s attic too. Wool puddle pads, this is a thing.

Labiaplasy before and after pictures. As if a woman didn’t have enough self-esteem problems, now you have to worry about what your vagina looks like. Will they start posting pictures of movie stars privates so we can go ask to get one just like Emma, Angelina or Gwyneth?

Did you know there is a website devoted to weird words? I actual think this one is cool, I like words and I’m figuring if you are a blogger you might too. I spend way too much time on merriam-webster.com as it is.

I also learned that these things have a name.

Furry bones things

Furry bones things

OK I have got to quit wasting time I have things I should be doing. Why is that always the best time to search the net?

Anyways I am contemplating doing a Christmas post but only if I can do it without sounding like a complete ass. Good luck with that, this will take much editing, so stick around for the shit show!

6 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. The nightmare before milking and all through the barn, only one girl was stirring to make curds and whey. When what to her blurry eyes should appear, but an evil milk can and eight tinny calfdeer.

    Okay, so not a great parody beginning, but what can you expect for this evening? The cream of the crop?

  2. Holy shit! I have read some articles on the labia surgery…is there REALLY a guy out there who would get into bed with a woman and then exclaim, “Oh my…I don’t think you’re quite symmetrical down there….” and if there is – to hell with him.

    • I’m afraid there is, in my surfing of the webs I have come across disparaging comments about how a woman’s vagina looks. Think porn and college boys, they have a warped sense of how a woman should look and act.

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