Things I am grateful for

The list of things I am should be grateful for this time of year. No this is not my possible Christmas post, I’m still thinking about celebrating Hogmanay instead this year.

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I finally had a day to ride my bike! While the roads are wet and muddy it wasn’t actually raining. I go to get on my bike and work off some of those calories from eating all the goodies and what do I find? I have a flat. Damn it, damn it, damn it all! As I’m pissing and moaning about having to take the time to change out the tire I realize I should be grateful. The last time I had a flat I was four miles from home and hadn’t remembered to take my kit with me. At least I was home and not sitting on the side of the road doing this.

As I went out the driveway I looked back at the cord of firewood that needs to be hauled to the backyard and stacked. Again I was reminding myself to be grateful. I love the feel of wood heat and this cord was relatively easy to split and move being as it was alder. It is again good exercise and I do like to see a purpose to sweating, besides eating more cookies.

I checked the mail on my way home. In it was a card with my mothers handwriting. I dreaded opening it as our relationship has been shall we say difficult for the last year. I sent her a card too and I am grateful that we are kind of communicating. I opened the card and it wasn’t as upsetting as it could have been. So yeah today I’m grateful for a lot of things, I just have to keep reminding myself what they are!

8 thoughts on “Things I am grateful for

    • The chocolate macaroons are divine! Serious problem with those. There was supposed to be a nut tart in the picture but I forgot and ate it before I took the picture. Oh and that is a goat cheese brownie by the way, sounds strange but it is so decadent.

  1. I love a wood fire, too! I have a woodstove and spent a good while yesterday stacking wood, but it was worth the hard work. I hope you have a relaxing and peaceful holiday break!

    • Love/hate thing with the wood stove. It is my primary source of heat but I have to admit nothing better than wood heat when you live in an old house in a damp climate! 🙂
      School doesn’t start back until the third, balancing enjoying it and getting things done.

  2. We have central heating here but there are a few rooms with open grates and at this time of year we’re always looking for an excuse to light the fire in the community room. It just makes it so much more cozy.

    And chocolate is always something to be thankful for!

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