Top search term…

Top search term of the day~the bitch that trolled Christmas
Thanks for the laughs!

I also noticed I have 666 comments on my blog so far, coincidence?

8 thoughts on “Top search term…

  1. Are you the anti-Christmas? The anti-New Year, too? Happy New Year, Miss 666. May the world before you and the world beside you leave nothing but good memories for the world behind you.

    • Thank you and I hope you have a good New Year too! I’m not anti-New Year as it is a holiday we all share and no one is getting all huffy and grabby about it! 🙂
      That being said I don’t do anything much to celebrate it but I am grateful to be here to start a new year. Me and the old dog are curled up by the fire waiting to see if any of my neighbors will blow themselves or their meth lab up. Always a fun time when that happens, such pretty colored flames! I have a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator, I may even have a glass if I am so inclined! I did use the day as an excuse to have coconut macaroons!

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