I am slow! You …

I am slow! You think I would have learned after fucking WordPress ate my post last time! From now on (duh) I am going to have to write and edit it in another program. Fuckers!

5 thoughts on “I am slow! You …

  1. WordPress sometimes does this — I have complained about it before. It seems that the WordPress “cookie” left in your browser expires sometimes AS YOU ARE WRITING, then when you try to save the document you are signed out and it won’t save. The easiest way to prevent this in the future is to “sign out” of WordPress, close your browser and then restart it and sign in again — you should be good to go then.

    • It had been saved and I was in and out and then suddenly all the saved revisions reverted back to the original. This makes no sense and it pissed me off. I am going to have to write and edit in another program, then copy and paste to wp and then add photos. Seems like a pain in the ass, since the idea is for this to be easy. Biggest problem is the way I write which is to go on a tear edit like crazy and then write more after I have added photos. *sigh* Once I’ve lost over half a post it is hard to get my original energy back, then it seems like work and not so much fun.

  2. How frustrating… I’ve taken to typing stuff up in word simply because I can do that wherever I happen to be and can then copy and paste later. There are times in the day when I don’t go online and right now, one of the routers isn’t working which means I can’t get online in one of the places I usually get online, which is rather frustrating!

    • Yep I’m doing that now. I’m still afraid that when I put it into WP to add photos and finish the editing that it will eat it. It can be a bit of work to arrange the post and even then it doesn’t always look the way I want due to either the limitations of the theme, WP, or the intelligence of the operator!

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