Feast or famine would be a good way to describe my life.

So I have decided to go back to school. I start a full class load in January, luckily I can start out by doing it online. Worry about commuting, working and going to school full time in a couple of quarter. Worry about the paying for it too, later, hence the working full time and going to school full time. But that isn’t what this post is about, exactly.

I start school again in a week; I have a lot I need to get done before the third. Like wrapping up re-financing my house, getting back on the healthy eating thing or as I like to call it this first week of no cookies, famine. I also need to get my paper work for the end of the year in order so that I won’t be trying to do my taxes while taking finals. Oh and I will be doing all my classes online this quarter so, of course, my internet connection is acting up.

I’m a bit cranky with the no sugar thing. Sugar is my drug of choice these days, and I have been on a bender. Hard not to when everyone is a pusher at this time of year. Unfortunately my choice of drug makes me fat and cranky unlike some drugs that make a person cranky and thin. Pot is legal now in my state so I guess I could be mellow and chunky but the problem with that is most junk food tastes like crap. I may be a sugar junkie but I am a snooty one, I like my sweets to be organic and handmade!

Some days are cookie days.

Some days are cookie days.

Hopefully the new router will fix the internet situation. I signed all the paperwork for the re-fi and that should be done, unless the bank pulls some asshattery. I am somewhat successfully weaning myself off the daily sugar rush but boy is it hard. Do not get between me and a coconut macaroon, you could get trampled. If WP doesn’t eat any more of  my posts I’ll be happy.

Happy New Year! And I say that without my usual sarcasm and sneer, I hope that this year will be good to all my fellow bloggers. It sure looks like it will be an interesting one for me. I anticipate I will have time to keep up on my reading of your blogs during the ten minutes of personal time I have allotted myself once school commences again.

12 thoughts on “Arghhh!

  1. As someone working full time and attending school full time, you can definitely do it 🙂 You may lose your sanity occasionally, but it definitely can be done 🙂 Hope all works out well re:re-financing and internet shenanigans.

    • Yeah I did it about twelve years ago, but that was twelve years ago! Just got to get into the swing and hope I haven’t lost too many brain cells since then. Lost the sanity awhile ago! I’ll take all the encouragement I can get and any hints on finding money is always welcome!

        • Pre-reqs for a BSN, still trying to figure out if I go for the BSN from the get go or do my RN and then a RN to BSN program. Part of it is money, part of it is way too many options/programs in this area but either way the per-requisitions are the same and I can get some of them out of the way online. I have to narrow down my options by next year because then I will have to start going to school in person and depending on where I choose/get accepted to I might have to move.

  2. Happy New Year and Good Luck with your busy schedule and the sugar famine…I am a coca-cola ‘holic – I gave up the one I have for lunch, for a bottle of water, a few months back – oh my gosh – it was soooo hard. I enlisted the help of my work friend (who is like a drill sergeant and only eats healthy foods and works out for 2 hrs in the morning before she comes to work AND she’s young – I’m not sure why I like her..) I was having withdrawls so badly one day..I kept staring at the coke machine in a longingly way and someone had left some strawberry generic soda on the counter for anyone to have…I kept stroking the cans…they were hot and I STILL wanted was so pitiful. My friend said, “Dammit – get your ass over here and sit down and drink the water!” (so I know, it is so hard to give up those things you really like/crave…)

    • Oh gawd is it hard! But your comment had me laughing, I am soooo there right now. I love fruit but compared to a cookie or brownie it just doesn’t do it. The rush of sugar in the blood, the chewy mouth feel, a satsuma isn’t just the same!

  3. I tried to wean myself off sugar the last couple of weeks of December. Yeah, it worked till my sister in law bought me a stocking and filled it with candy. Damn it. Now I’m back to trying to be satisfied with a half serving of 72% cacao or above chocolate bars. Not as good as peppermint bark, I can tell you that. Better than nothing!

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