Happy 2013

I figure I will be trying to remember to write that for at least a month.


This year is off to a good start. Well I woke up. But no that isn’t all, but that is still a good start. I found something while perusing the webs. While not confirmed yet by the CSIS it is believed to be a rare photo of Le Clown as a child.

Is this who I think this is? It could be worth money!

Is this who I think this is? It could be worth money!

8 thoughts on “Happy 2013

  1. Definitely Le Clown before he grew up.

    Scarily, I wrote in my (paper) journal on Monday, the date as being 31st January 2012. If I was confused about the month then, I’m just glad I don’t have to write any cheques anymore!

  2. DS,
    I showed my daughter, and asked: “Tiny Geek, who’s that?”, to which she replied: “mama”. Now you figure that one out…
    Happy 2013!
    Le Clown

  3. “I woke up” hahahha! I like that. I guess I can be grateful for something so simple as well. Although on days I have to get up super early for work (say 5AM) I wish I’d never wake up.

    • Yeah I did get to sleep in that day! I am so not a morning person. Do not talk to me until I have had the first cup of coffee, is that so hard to understand? Seems to be, because I always warn people and then they act surprised that I am not witty and charming in the morning!

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