School is in session

Forgive me, I am somewhat overwhelmed.

I may not be around much for the next week or two. What on earth made me take three online classes at once? Oh, one of them is intermediate algebra, did I mention I have always sucked at math? And my college has decided to try a new online program for some of it’s online classes. Lucky me two of my classes are in the new program. I found this out the day I started. They all appeared to be in the old system, until I clicked to open them and then two of them redirected me to a new program. Wonderful get to be a guinea pig and try to figure out how to navigate in a new program.

The day I started my classes, literally fifteen minutes into it the internet crashed. When I called the cable company, after listening to bad muzak for twelve minute they informed me that the entire area was down because a car hit some pole. It never did come back up before I just gave up and went to bed. Not my lucky day!

Also my biology teacher seems to like to do video presentations ~long ones. Long and boring ones that are poorly arranged and she says Uhm a lot. After fifteen minutes of listening to her go uhm countless time and convey about three minutes of information I thought I was going to scream. All the while looking at a picture of the syllabus which I had already downloaded and read. *sigh* at least it made me want to go do math problems….

I am really beginning to love this photo. I think I may make it my Gravatar picture.

I am really beginning to love this photo. I think I may make it my Gravatar picture.

9 thoughts on “School is in session

  1. Oh no…the video presentation would be agony for me, especially with lots of ‘uhm’ in there…that would make me want to stab my eyes out with scissors! I hope it all gets a little better.

    • Yup and you can hear her rustling papers and stuff. One of the reasons I liked online classes is so I didn’t have to sit through boring lectures, hopefully it gets better!
      It would be a bit more bearable if she wasn’t just going over the stuff we already available. I don’t know I only got through the first 15 minutes there is still another 40 I should try to listen to. ;/

    3 online courses? One of which is your arch enemy? you are quite ambitious!
    Good luck!!!
    Class starts tomorrow for me… both online classes…. it should be interesting….

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