Reading, writing and arithmetic

Well I may be doing a lot of writing even if it hasn’t been here!

Taking on a full course load and trying to work full time has left me with no time to do much else. I’m taking Intermediate Algebra, English and a Biology class, while I started out with doing all of them online I have switched to a in person class for the Algebra. Unfortunately that meant catching up with my class while still maintain good grades in the other two. I think I may finally be getting it under control. Don’t want to say that too loudly and curse myself. Hopefully I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew; I believe my adviser called it an aggressive plan. Math has and continues to be difficult for me but I finally feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


So I hope to be back to blogging again, at least somewhat regularly as I enjoy it. Wish me luck I have another math exam tomorrow. I feel somewhat ready for it, which is a change of pace. Off to bed now, oooh lookie I might get to sleep before 2am!

8 thoughts on “Reading, writing and arithmetic

    • Thanks! I still don’t feel like I have things under control yet, but I hope I can find a routine that allows me to get everything done and sleep too! It doesn’t help that a number of other things required my attention lately, you know those important things that you can’t ignore or put off; cars, computers and banks.

  1. I am sure you already took your test. From one stressed out, aggressive planning student to another – I hope you did exceptionally well. And that you have it all under control. No curve balls, no surprises. 🙂

  2. Hope the exam went well. Aggressive strategy sounds quite cool, actually. And I guess the more classes you take, the more it will prove your intelligence, which in my book at any rate makes you even more cool!

    • It will either prove my intelligence or my stupidity! I knew this first quarter of a full class load would be the hardest, but I am beginning to adjust. Thank you for the support, I appreciated it!

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