Not seeing the light

As you can see I haven't seen daylight in awhile!

As you can see I haven’t seen daylight in awhile!

School seems to be getting on track. I sure did bite off a lot to chew. And, naturally, other stuff happens; that thing called life. I have a new car, if you can call a twenty year old car new, but it is new to me. It runs and I don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into it, poor woman’s security system. I have a new netbook for hauling around to try to do my homework on between clients. The bank approved my home refi and then two weeks later decided to cut off my line of credit. Thanks BofA! Yeah, yeah, yeah-I don’t want to hear about it. I know they are assholes but no one else would do my mortgage, actually I’m not sure why they did it. So when I have a few minutes I have to go fight with them to try and get it back, not like I might need it to finance this school nonsense.

Life is good. Crazy, insane, busy (so why am I broke?) but it is good. I have been able to keep up, barely, with my homework and still get in my workouts. I knew I was in trouble earlier when I was doing so much studying I didn’t have time to work out. Of course something had to give, lets just say I won’t be having company over to the house anytime soon. Did you know that dust bunnies have a maximum density level, at a certain point they just stop growing.

So back to the school work…

5 thoughts on “Not seeing the light

  1. If the house gets too dirty, you could always sleep in the car! I jest; the dust bunnies are probably good loft insulation for keeping the house warm or cool as needed.

    Glad you’re hanging on in there. Xxx

  2. You really sound like SuperWoman! Job, finances, school work AND you still find time to work out….and your outlook is Life is Good. (you’re very inspiring)

    • Working out is not optional it keeps me sane. I don’t always want to do it but I find if I don’t I get anxious and can’t seem to focus. Besides I am a stress eater so I have to work out unless I want to stress out about gaining weight, vicious circle!

  3. That dust bunny thing is good to know… I was worried I was going to lose the Howler in the dust bunny patch before this quarter is over!

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