I scream for Ice Cream

The sketchy ice cream truck.

OK I don’t live in a ghetto like white lady in the hood, but there are some tweekers around and there are a few places I would be careful walking after dark. But all in all, my neighborhood isn’t too bad.

Couple of years ago, all of a sudden I start hearing that sound in my hood, you know the dingalingaling of an ice cream truck. Now this is a little weird. We are kind of a rural area and we have never had an ice cream truck before. There are some kids in my neck of the woods, but not a lot. If I had started an ice cream truck business, I could think of a lot of other neighborhoods that would be way more profitable, if I was selling ice cream.

ice cream truck

The other strange thing is, I’d hear that trucks song and before you know it, it would be gone. And then I’d hear it again thirty or forty minutes later; I’d hear the damn thing all the time but I never saw it. (Ohhh, it is a ghost!) Actually I was beginning to think someone was screwing around out here. It took me weeks to actually see the ice cream truck. And that thing was hauling ass!

Now I’m thinking, “OK that is a real ice cream truck, and it is doing the speed limit. Something ain’t right here.”  What ice cream truck drives around with its bell dingalinging at thirty miles an hour? An ice cream truck is supposed to drive really slow, so the kids can go pester their parents for money and get back out there to buy something. Of course I’m just laughing my ass off, thinking about some fat kid chasing after the ice cream truck.

My next thought is what a great idea! Selling drugs out of an ice cream truck.

Yep, the ice cream truck got busted!

11 thoughts on “I scream for Ice Cream

  1. Girl… As I was reading this I’m thinking of my friend, a nice Jewish girl who took the wrong path at one stage in her life. She got addicted to drugs and became a prostitute (today she’s an upstanding citizen dating a nice lawyer fella). She and her boyfriend had an ice cream truck that they sold drugs out of! They’d be in there arguing and what not — hahaha! I was so tickled when your post concluded with that thought!

    • Glad your friend turned her life around. Still think it was a pretty ingenious idea, just got to drive a little slower and sell a few ice cream bars. Also knew of a a local hot dog stand that had a little green business they ran out of the back!

  2. Oh, this made me laugh, too hard! (thanks for the shout out!) We had a Hood~style ice cream truck one summer….busted out back glass, taped up brake lights – I joked to my husband ALL the time – you know those guys are selling something out of the back of that truck besides ice cream!

  3. It’s not a new idea at all. One of the Sisters here told me about how when she was in a branch house in an inner-city estate, if there were certain vehicles parked in certain places near a particular ice-cream van, it meant that certain other products were available with your ice-cream.

    It’s good to hear that the one by you got busted!

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