I see the light!

And I don’t think it is an oncoming train. Gawd I hope not.

Couple of more weeks of this quarter left and I know what I have to do. Looks like I’ll pass all my classes, probably with Bs. I might get an A in one, but I’m not getting all bent over whether I do or not. I am ecstatic that I am passing my math class with a B! All I have to do is make it through one more exam with a decent grade.

English shouldn’t be a problem; one more final paper- yadda, yadda, ya. The only thing I have to do is not lose my shit and tell some of my classmate that I think they are idiots. I just keep biting my lip. Yes, I realize I don’t bother with proper grammar and punctuation here, but I do know  how to write a paper. The other thing I know how to do is read the assignment. If the instructor tells you they want it done a certain way, then you do it that way. I seriously wonder if English is a second language for some of my classmates. There is one, I just plain think a troll. My English class is an online class; online classes are interesting. I love screaming at the screen, or making snarky comments during recorded lectures (that would be my Biology class, the instructor has taught Biology for over 25 years but this is her first time teaching it online). I must remember I can’t roll my eyes, throw my hands in the air, and yell “REALLY?” when I attend lectures in person. I should probably not go in my stained sweatshirt and slippers either.

©2013 Windham Public Library

©2013 Windham Public Library

So if nothing totally whacked happens I should do well this quarter. I am all signed up for the new college next quarter. I know there will be some sort of glitch with that, but I am sure it won’t be too bad.

Then the madness starts all over again! Actually I have decided to go 3/4 time instead of full-time. I just don’t have a life working full-time and going to school full-time. I figure that will happen soon enough, when I get accepted into the program, so as long as I still control my life I am going to enjoy it. Life is all about the living.


8 thoughts on “I see the light!

  1. Oh, well done you on getting this far! And on making the decision about what to do next term too.

    It would be quite fun if in your last class you did tell some of the other students what you thought of them, providing you know you’re not going to see them again next term of course!

  2. Woo Hoo! Great post and awesome grades.
    I took an on-line writing course and I liked the instructor and reading her lectures (she was pretty good) but there was this one lady whose gravatar/avatar (whatever they are called) was of her in a big ginormous pair of buny ears..GAWD – she got on my nerves..everytime she would pop up with a ditzy comment, wearing those ears, I would start mumbling cuss words to my screen!

    • Yup, I have a few not so bright classmates. I just ignore them.
      My instructor’s online lectures have gotten better, if only because I figured out how to speed them up. I now watch them in 1.25 speed and it makes it relatively painless because I can get through them in a reasonable time!

  3. Holy shit. I never even realized the trolling potential inherent in online classes. You could so rattle cages. Epic troll hemisphere there. I’m sure there are actually individuals who pay good money to enroll in such classes just to be able to be total disruptive nutters over the internet. Seriously. I’d do it just to ask the absolute stupidest fucking questions possible to try and derail the whole thing into utter anarchy. I’d use emoticons and “LOL”‘s when answering every question. And if I answered right I’d be like “PWNAGE!”. Or when the instructor asked me what a hypotenuse was I’d be like “Yo, just gonna check out a tentacle porn thread on 4chan first, brb.” Or if I gave the wrong answer I’d be like “Oh, I didn’t mean that, I was in the wrong tab. Sorry” then I’d go look up the correct answer on Google and write it. Such fun it could be.

  4. Troll in the internet sense or in the large thick dumb creature which doesn’t do well in exams, sense? Online lectures – you’re very good watching them. I get impatient watching TED talks, thinking how many other things I’m supposed to be doing. Then again, I”m not sitting exams on them.

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