Whoo Hooo Spring Break!

Ah, it doesn’t exactly mean the same thing when you’re an older student.

Not my spring break!

Not my spring break!

So I pushed myself and went to school full time while working full time last quarter, and it damn near killed me! I wanted to find out just how far I could push myself, well I did, and I won’t be doing that again. Next quarter I am taking two classes, I know that will be enough. I kind of like having a life.

So I have a week off, from school anyways. Technically I am on spring break. Living it up on the beach getting drunk and having wild bad sex? No. Doing my taxes, sleeping a lot, and tracking down a short in the wiring of my house. I’m getting my life and exercise routine back together. Might not sound too exciting but I am loving it! When I start back to school next week I will be ready for it. Bring it on! I will have thirty five pairs of clean underwear, I counted them. Why? Because I wanted to know how long it had been since I had last done laundry. I draw the line at wearing dirty undies, though I have been known to pick up a pack at Costco instead of doing laundry.


This summer, if I really live it up, I will finally get around to building that laundry room I want. Pish, I’ve been saying that for seven years. The joy of owning an old house, something always needs fixing, so I never get my laundry room.

To be young and having the parents pay for college! Kids today don’t know how good they’ve got it! Happy Spring Break!


16 thoughts on “Whoo Hooo Spring Break!

  1. I KNEW how good I had it in college! I did not want to graduate, and when I did, I went back a few years later. Best spring/Easter breaks were spent in Arizona watching spring trainning games. If I hit the lotto, I am going back to college for EVER:)

  2. I’m on spring break right now, and what am I doing? Working a massive amount of hours. FML. Ah the grown up life, it sucks real bad sometimes. Buuuut I don’t have to live like a college student, thank you PTB.

    • Yeah, spring break for adults is a little different. Catching up on maintenance on my houses and working to make some money so I can work a little less during midterms and finals next quarter. That and my problem with a small shoe addiction!

  3. Loved your post πŸ™‚ I draw the line at white ones too, but 35 pairs? OMG I think I have about 8!!

    • I won’t even tell you how many black t-shirts I have, but their all different! Crew neck, v-neck, boat neck, short sleeve, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, I have more black t-shirts than undies and then there are the colored t’s! Bit of a clothes ho!

  4. Having 35 pairs of knickers sounds like a pretty good laundry solution if you ask me. You just need to do one load on the 1st of each month and that’s it, clean underthings to last you until next month! Only having 11 pairs (the list said I was only supposed to bring 10 pairs to the community, so I cheated a little) means that if we only have one wash a week, it can be a bit fraught – especially if going away at some point between the washes! (We do usually have two wash days a week, it’s just when there are public holidays that it changes.)

    A spring break of sleeping and catching up on things actually sounds quite good to me.

    • It was good, back in school today. Yes I can go a month without doing laundry. Hopefully I won’t have to this quarter! I can’t imagine only having eleven pairs of underwear. Maybe I need to join a 12 step program. I am pretty sure, o heck I know, I have a clothes problem! I really should stay off the internet after midnight, just bought another pair of shoes.

    • Ah darling you are good. I haven’t been posting lately! I got sick, but made it through finals! Enjoyed my week off and now I am into week two of the next semester. I should poke my head up and say hi to my blogging buddies.

  5. Thirty-five pairs … and counting. Usually you hear stories of people trying to fit into their “drawers.” This, though, sounds more like a situation of trying to fit your drawers into something that will hold them. πŸ˜‰

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