Life is messy and so are quadratic equations

Or why I hate math.


This is why I’m not here. It is called the quadratic formula, and I have to know how to do it. In “real life” according to my instructor. What that means is not easy problems that come out with nice whole numbers but messy shit that sucks.

I told him I thought this was bs. I am forty-six; I have never needed to know this, and I think my life has been pretty damn real. What, some crazed mass murderer is going to run into the restaurant where I have lunch, waving a gun and yell “Everyone dies! Except those of you that can graph this quadratic equation.” If that happens I’ll just ask him to shoot me first.

Anyways just about the time I think I get it, something goes sideways. *sigh* I just don’t have a math brain. I am really trying to get this shit but really? Isn’t this what we have calculators and computers for. Yes, I love it when my instructor is showing us a problem and it doesn’t work out as planned so he grabs his graphing calculator to figure out what went wrong. I’m like ~Dude if you can’t do this without a graphing calculator how come I’m supposed to be able to? And you’re the instructor!



Reading my spam


Obviously I’m bored, desperate for attention, or just plain weird, because I was reading my spam. But anyways, there was some spam comment about how I’m not reaching 3000 people a day ~blah blah bladdy blah~ because they had trouble finding me I wasn’t on the first page of Google results….buy their shit.

Started laughing, all I could think was obviously they weren’t looking for Washington State Fuck Bugs! Because not only am I on the first page but I’ve now moved up from ninth to First! Yeah first place bitches! First and second! Take that stupid spam!

No I’m not competitive, nor do I need attention so bad that I’ll take it anywhere I can get it I will too.

Reading, writing and arithmetic

Well I may be doing a lot of writing even if it hasn’t been here!

Taking on a full course load and trying to work full time has left me with no time to do much else. I’m taking Intermediate Algebra, English and a Biology class, while I started out with doing all of them online I have switched to a in person class for the Algebra. Unfortunately that meant catching up with my class while still maintain good grades in the other two. I think I may finally be getting it under control. Don’t want to say that too loudly and curse myself. Hopefully I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew; I believe my adviser called it an aggressive plan. Math has and continues to be difficult for me but I finally feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


So I hope to be back to blogging again, at least somewhat regularly as I enjoy it. Wish me luck I have another math exam tomorrow. I feel somewhat ready for it, which is a change of pace. Off to bed now, oooh lookie I might get to sleep before 2am!

Today’s search term

Washington state “fuck bugs”

Search term of the day, the quotes included. I saw this and went WTF? I couldn’t imagine what someone was looking for or how that got them to my blog. So I did what any good investigator would do, I Google it.

I still have no idea what they were looking for but my blog came in ninth on Google for Washington state “fuck bugs. Considering I was at the bottom of the page I’m guessing they didn’t find whatever they were looking for. I wish WordPress would have a button or someway for us to email these people and ask them “what the hell were you looking for?”


Happy 2013

I figure I will be trying to remember to write that for at least a month.


This year is off to a good start. Well I woke up. But no that isn’t all, but that is still a good start. I found something while perusing the webs. While not confirmed yet by the CSIS it is believed to be a rare photo of Le Clown as a child.

Is this who I think this is? It could be worth money!

Is this who I think this is? It could be worth money!

My Holiday Post

Well I’m going to do a nice little post today. I won’t try not to rant about the lack of tolerance and such stuff. I’ll try to be a good person even though I don’t believe I will get sent to hell if I’m not.

I’ll just post some pretty pictures, I mean why not? So here you go pretty pictures…

Looks better than a pile of Kindles or Nooks!

Looks better than a pile of Kindles or Nooks!

Considering the trend to name kids weird things I predict this will be a best seller!

Considering the trend to name kids weird things I predict this will be a best seller!

All right I’m starting to run out of nice, that didn’t take long.ate mouse

Here is a picture of my Christmas tree, yes I have one but I don’t normally put it up. Just for you I pulled it out of storage and took a picture of it.

Yes that is a road safety cone.

Yes that is a road safety cone. Somewhere I have a matching life ring I use as a wreath.

OK, now I am going to go throw it back into the storage shed, got it out just for you. Now to answer that burning question, yes I was raised with Christmas and all that jazz.I was also raised eating box mac n cheese, don’t see me doing that anymore either. People grow up. Sorry science trumps flying fat men.

Yup this is true.

Yup this is true.

OK I think that went pretty well, don’t you? Actually I’m quite proud of my restraint. Time to quit.  Happy Holidays!