Whoo Hooo Spring Break!

Ah, it doesn’t exactly mean the same thing when you’re an older student.

Not my spring break!

Not my spring break!

So I pushed myself and went to school full time while working full time last quarter, and it damn near killed me! I wanted to find out just how far I could push myself, well I did, and I won’t be doing that again. Next quarter I am taking two classes, I know that will be enough. I kind of like having a life.

So I have a week off, from school anyways. Technically I am on spring break. Living it up on the beach getting drunk and having wild bad sex? No. Doing my taxes, sleeping a lot, and tracking down a short in the wiring of my house. I’m getting my life and exercise routine back together. Might not sound too exciting but I am loving it! When I start back to school next week I will be ready for it. Bring it on! I will have thirty five pairs of clean underwear, I counted them. Why? Because I wanted to know how long it had been since I had last done laundry. I draw the line at wearing dirty undies, though I have been known to pick up a pack at Costco instead of doing laundry.


This summer, if I really live it up, I will finally get around to building that laundry room I want. Pish, I’ve been saying that for seven years. The joy of owning an old house, something always needs fixing, so I never get my laundry room.

To be young and having the parents pay for college! Kids today don’t know how good they’ve got it! Happy Spring Break!


I see the light!

And I don’t think it is an oncoming train. Gawd I hope not.

Couple of more weeks of this quarter left and I know what I have to do. Looks like I’ll pass all my classes, probably with Bs. I might get an A in one, but I’m not getting all bent over whether I do or not. I am ecstatic that I am passing my math class with a B! All I have to do is make it through one more exam with a decent grade.

English shouldn’t be a problem; one more final paper- yadda, yadda, ya. The only thing I have to do is not lose my shit and tell some of my classmate that I think they are idiots. I just keep biting my lip. Yes, I realize I don’t bother with proper grammar and punctuation here, but I do know  how to write a paper. The other thing I know how to do is read the assignment. If the instructor tells you they want it done a certain way, then you do it that way. I seriously wonder if English is a second language for some of my classmates. There is one, I just plain think a troll. My English class is an online class; online classes are interesting. I love screaming at the screen, or making snarky comments during recorded lectures (that would be my Biology class, the instructor has taught Biology for over 25 years but this is her first time teaching it online). I must remember I can’t roll my eyes, throw my hands in the air, and yell “REALLY?” when I attend lectures in person. I should probably not go in my stained sweatshirt and slippers either.

©2013 Windham Public Library

©2013 Windham Public Library

So if nothing totally whacked happens I should do well this quarter. I am all signed up for the new college next quarter. I know there will be some sort of glitch with that, but I am sure it won’t be too bad.

Then the madness starts all over again! Actually I have decided to go 3/4 time instead of full-time. I just don’t have a life working full-time and going to school full-time. I figure that will happen soon enough, when I get accepted into the program, so as long as I still control my life I am going to enjoy it. Life is all about the living.

Birthday Post

I think birthdays are cool.

I like having birthdays. To anyone that complains about them, all I have to say is “Drop dead.”

So that being said, I’m not really doing anything special this year. Some years I do and some years I don’t, but I do do whatever I feel on my birthday. I have been lucky that I have a job where I can take the day off no matter when it falls. This year it is on a Sunday, and I don’t work anyways, but to make up for it I am taking tomorrow off. Whoo-hoo.

I am catching up on homework. I know sounds boring but it makes me feel good to know I have got that taken care of. Think I might go all out and bother to shave my legs. (shaving seems to be a big search term on my blog? Go figure, I’ll just go with it.)

Some friends are taking me out for pizza tonight. I love pizza. I also love cookies, and a friend of mine makes me a batch of these totally, addicting, to die for, heath bar cookies every year. I don’t mean cookies with little crumbles of heath bar, I mean cookies with chunks the size a quarter of a bar on top. She dropped them off Friday, they were gone by Saturday morning. I have no self-control.

Looking at pictures of cake made me hungry!

Looking at pictures of cake made me hungry!

So that is my day. If feels right this year. I am happy. I am alive! Another year older and still here. It is a good day!

Not seeing the light

As you can see I haven't seen daylight in awhile!

As you can see I haven’t seen daylight in awhile!

School seems to be getting on track. I sure did bite off a lot to chew. And, naturally, other stuff happens; that thing called life. I have a new car, if you can call a twenty year old car new, but it is new to me. It runs and I don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into it, poor woman’s security system. I have a new netbook for hauling around to try to do my homework on between clients. The bank approved my home refi and then two weeks later decided to cut off my line of credit. Thanks BofA! Yeah, yeah, yeah-I don’t want to hear about it. I know they are assholes but no one else would do my mortgage, actually I’m not sure why they did it. So when I have a few minutes I have to go fight with them to try and get it back, not like I might need it to finance this school nonsense.

Life is good. Crazy, insane, busy (so why am I broke?) but it is good. I have been able to keep up, barely, with my homework and still get in my workouts. I knew I was in trouble earlier when I was doing so much studying I didn’t have time to work out. Of course something had to give, lets just say I won’t be having company over to the house anytime soon. Did you know that dust bunnies have a maximum density level, at a certain point they just stop growing.

So back to the school work…

Happy Damn New Year to You!


Tis the New Year’s Eve!

I love this painting. It was done by an artist friend of mine and it is so comforting to look at in the winter.

I love this painting. It was done by an artist friend of mine and it is so comforting to look at in the winter. To see more of her work go here!

I am celebrating by staying home and hanging out with the old dog. I have a wonderful bottle of champagne in the refrigerator that someone gave me. I always feel a little guilty for wasting a whole bottle for only one glass but hey I just might live dangerously. Or not.

The neighbors are having a good time driving their big trucks up and down the road. The fireworks have started already, if this is a good year it will get exciting when someone blows up their meth lab by mistake! Unfortunately the dog doesn’t like all the fireworks but I have drugs for that. Doggy Xanax, really I looked it up, it is generic xanax. The hullabaloo will end around one am, which is fine I’m a night owl anyways. I see midnight more often than not so it isn’t a big to do for me. I have a couple of documentaries on Netflix that I have been meaning to watch and I don’t have to work tomorrow.

My old boy. Life is better with dogs. And don't tell me owners look like their pets!

My old boy. Life is better with dogs. And don’t tell me owners look like their pets!

I got an early start to the festivities today. My last client cancelled at the last minute. Normally this would piss me off but I decided Ehhh, it is the end of the year. I might as we keep it on a high note. So I grabbed my shoes and went for a run in the daylight! It was a beautiful if chilly day, might as well make the best of it, being the last day of the year. Maybe tomorrow will be nice too and I can get a bike ride in. Good way to end and begin the years. Sure as hell beat puking and a hangover.

It has been a good year. Good friends and good times!

It has been a good year. Good friends and good times!

I think the coming year will be full of changes. I’m not one for resolutions but I am starting a course of action that will change many things in my life. Hope it is for the better but it will certainly be interesting. School starts on the third for me. I am hoping to narrow down my choices for where to apply to in the next few months. Depending on where I choose and/or get accepted to I will have to either move or start commuting by next year. The two closest programs to me are an hours drive and the other ones mean moving at least temporarily. I am both excited and terrified by the idea.

don't regret

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year!

Riding in the rain

I think I’ve made it known I hate riding in the rain, but I took a chance.

I had a good morning, got an A on my math exam. Was feeling kind of lucky so even though there was the threat of rain, I decided to ride into town. There is always rain possible this time of year, the question is how hard, for  how long and when is it going to rain. It doesn’t rain all the time, just most of the time in the winter. An entire day without some form of water coming from the sky is a treat in the winter. One where it is also not overcast sends the natives into frenzies. Here I’ll show you the weather forecast for today.

This is what the forecast will look like for the next four months, at least. Well except it will get colder and they might throw in some snowflakes to freak us out. We don’t do snow very well in case you hadn’t heard.

OK still not sure it rains here a lot? Here is the forecast from the other local channel.

Hmm, I’ll take this one. It has more pictures of the sun, doesn’t mean it will happen but I’m optimistic like that.

So the question wasn’t if it was going to rain but whether I could ride into town and back without getting completely soaked. Ah, nope. It started to drizzle about 3/4 of the way into town, but hey one of the things about living here is if you don’t like the weather wait ten minutes or drive ten miles. This time of the year five is more accurate, as fast as the weather can blow in it can also blow out.

So I did my errand and decided to warm up and get myself a treat. Hoped the rain might stop by the time I had an espresso and a nut tart. Well the weather did change, it went from drizzle to actual rain. I should have known, cause not only did I take a chance it wouldn’t rain on me, I didn’t bother put on waterproof shoes or my rain pants.

By the time I got to the big downhill on my way home, my shoes were so full of water I could feel them slosh on every down-stroke. I literally wrung my socks out when I got home. Now I remember why I don’t like riding in the rain, because I’m an idiot! I have rain gear. I guess if I am going to commit to riding in the winter I’ll just have to get used to riding in pants that feel like plastic. I still haven’t found a pair of gloves that are truly wind and waterproof.

But yes I did get an A on my math exam! And when I finally got to see what I missed on the one before I was able to show that my answer was equivalent to the correct one but the computer didn’t recognize it! So yeah me, I got an A on that one too! Now if I can just not blow it in the next three weeks I will possible pull off an A for this class, at the very least I will get a B. That would make me very happy, because I am signing up for the next class Intermediate Algebra next semester. All right maybe I’m not an idiot but I am certainly not sane, must be all the rain.

Old? Boring? How about neither?

Or maybe both? Hell who cares? I’m having fun, I think.

All I seem to do for the last few weeks is work, walk, run, bike and homework. That’s OK with me. I am getting stronger, faster and hopefully smarter. Might not seem exciting but I’ll take it. When my life gets exciting it usually means something hit the fan.

I am really happy to be enjoying exercising again. For the last few months I was just doing it because. Because I needed to. To stay in shape, to eat chocolate without gaining weight, to manage my stress, but not because I enjoyed it. So it is good to do it for all those reasons but also because it is fun again.

I think it is because I got a new bike and now I can possibly really hurt myself if I crash, something about that adrenaline rush of going fast and knowing it is going to be bad if I hit the pavement. I mean I am not the most graceful of people. I have fallen off my bike, it just isn’t so bad when you do it really slowly. If anything it must look quite comical, like something in a Benny Hill skit.

Something to do with going fast has inspired me to try running again. It might be that does burn more calories, hence I can eat more chocolate chips mixed with peanut butter. I walk fast but even walking at over 4 mph (fools my gps into thinking I’m jogging) it doesn’t burn the same calories as running. Cookie and gravy season is coming, not together unless Ben and Jerry comes out  with a cookie and gravy ice cream and then you bet I’ll try it.

So the running thing, my knees are not happy about it. I think I will keep at it for a while longer and see if they get better. Besides I am sure I am bringing joy into people’s lives, if you think I am a klutz on a bike you ought to see me try to run. I certainly feel like a herd of three legged elephants trundling down the road, I don’t even want to think about what I look like. I am sure someone must find this amusing. If they’re laughing I wouldn’t know because between the sweat pouring into my eyes and the sound of my labored breathing I can barely see or hear where I am going. I don’t remember running being so damn difficult, but then again I don’t remember running unless I was being chased. That might change ones perspective.

I know I look like the second picture and that is one a good day.

These are the things I do to entertain myself. Damn if you had told me how much fun growing up was going be, I would have shot myself. Of course I supposed this beats drinking myself into oblivion but how would I remember? You know that oblivion part kinda makes it hard  to remember why I thought that was fun.