Whoo Hooo Spring Break!

Ah, it doesn’t exactly mean the same thing when you’re an older student.

Not my spring break!

Not my spring break!

So I pushed myself and went to school full time while working full time last quarter, and it damn near killed me! I wanted to find out just how far I could push myself, well I did, and I won’t be doing that again. Next quarter I am taking two classes, I know that will be enough. I kind of like having a life.

So I have a week off, from school anyways. Technically I am on spring break. Living it up on the beach getting drunk and having wild bad sex? No. Doing my taxes, sleeping a lot, and tracking down a short in the wiring of my house. I’m getting my life and exercise routine back together. Might not sound too exciting but I am loving it! When I start back to school next week I will be ready for it. Bring it on! I will have thirty five pairs of clean underwear, I counted them. Why? Because I wanted to know how long it had been since I had last done laundry. I draw the line at wearing dirty undies, though I have been known to pick up a pack at Costco instead of doing laundry.


This summer, if I really live it up, I will finally get around to building that laundry room I want. Pish, I’ve been saying that for seven years. The joy of owning an old house, something always needs fixing, so I never get my laundry room.

To be young and having the parents pay for college! Kids today don’t know how good they’ve got it! Happy Spring Break!


Happy Damn New Year to You!


Tis the New Year’s Eve!

I love this painting. It was done by an artist friend of mine and it is so comforting to look at in the winter.

I love this painting. It was done by an artist friend of mine and it is so comforting to look at in the winter. To see more of her work go here!

I am celebrating by staying home and hanging out with the old dog. I have a wonderful bottle of champagne in the refrigerator that someone gave me. I always feel a little guilty for wasting a whole bottle for only one glass but hey I just might live dangerously. Or not.

The neighbors are having a good time driving their big trucks up and down the road. The fireworks have started already, if this is a good year it will get exciting when someone blows up their meth lab by mistake! Unfortunately the dog doesn’t like all the fireworks but I have drugs for that. Doggy Xanax, really I looked it up, it is generic xanax. The hullabaloo will end around one am, which is fine I’m a night owl anyways. I see midnight more often than not so it isn’t a big to do for me. I have a couple of documentaries on Netflix that I have been meaning to watch and I don’t have to work tomorrow.

My old boy. Life is better with dogs. And don't tell me owners look like their pets!

My old boy. Life is better with dogs. And don’t tell me owners look like their pets!

I got an early start to the festivities today. My last client cancelled at the last minute. Normally this would piss me off but I decided Ehhh, it is the end of the year. I might as we keep it on a high note. So I grabbed my shoes and went for a run in the daylight! It was a beautiful if chilly day, might as well make the best of it, being the last day of the year. Maybe tomorrow will be nice too and I can get a bike ride in. Good way to end and begin the years. Sure as hell beat puking and a hangover.

It has been a good year. Good friends and good times!

It has been a good year. Good friends and good times!

I think the coming year will be full of changes. I’m not one for resolutions but I am starting a course of action that will change many things in my life. Hope it is for the better but it will certainly be interesting. School starts on the third for me. I am hoping to narrow down my choices for where to apply to in the next few months. Depending on where I choose and/or get accepted to I will have to either move or start commuting by next year. The two closest programs to me are an hours drive and the other ones mean moving at least temporarily. I am both excited and terrified by the idea.

don't regret

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year!


I know it is fall when I put the flannel sheets on.

I love to sleep and I always have. The older I have gotten the more precious and necessary sleep has become, ironically it has also become a bit more elusive. But that isn’t exactly what this post is about.

Fresh flannel sheets, so that means must be fall.

This is my bed.

Exactly what the hell is that? Well that is two feather beds, a down comforter, four regular down pillows, two with satin pillowcases for my delicate skin and two king sized sized pillows. I call it my nest.

How I ended up like this is something of a sleeping evolution. At one time I did sleep on a very hard futon but over the years I started to enjoy a bit of luxury and now my bed is actually taller than it is wide. A modern day princess and the pea kind of.

The whole love affair with down is my mothers fault. Thank god I’m not allergic, it would cost me a fortune to recreate this bed with one of those hypoallergenic ilk. My mother raised us in cold, drafty, old, Victorian houses; a down comforter was the bare minimum needed to not get hypothermia at night. I am so infatuated with down that I even have what they refer to as a tropical weight down comforter for the summer. I hate sleeping with regular blankets. Down comforters settle around you, it is like being hugged by your blankets.

I love down pillows because you can smoosh them, pile them on top of each other, fold them in half, bury your face in them to hide from the light, squish them to create support for your neck no matter how you sleep, and they are great at blocking out the sound of the neighbor’s loud car. I have four pillows for my head, of two different types of fill so that I can arrange them depending on my sleeping position. I also have two large king sized pillows that I put on either side of me. I use these to prop up my arm or leg when I am side sleeping, they help keep me from twisting or torquing my back. I also pull them tight up against my back, it is comforting, like having a sleeping partner but one that doesn’t snore, fart, steal the covers or whine when you kick them or throw them out of bed.

Obviously I have a love affair going on with down. And then came the feather bed about fifteen years ago. It was like sleeping on a cloud. When I climb into bed I sink into heaven. It really is like sleeping in my own little nest. I settle into the feather bed and the comforter envelopes me, it is my own little slice of paradise. And people wonder why I hate mornings? Because I don’t want to get out of bed!

So how did I end up with two feather beds? Well after about five years the original one started to get a bit less fluffy in the middle. Being as it was baffled, the feathers in the center had stated to break down. So I fixed this by buying an un-baffled one and “filling it in”. It was akin to sleeping in the middle of a warm jelly doughnut! I have since replaced both but I loved that extra softness of falling into a pile of feather that I still have two.

This is how I sleep. No wonder I sleep alone, there is no room in my bed for another person. Actually I don’t really like “sleeping” with someone else, I have got this down (yeah bad pun intended) to a science and I don’t like sharing, it just messes up my whole system. Then there is my whole I don’t want to talk to you in the morning thing.

Everyone has got their own nighttime rituals, mine are just a little lot more OCD than most. And this is just the beginning, I haven’t even gotten to types of sheet, satin pillowcases, proper care and fluffing, room temperature….

Feels like fall

I don’t care what the temperature is, if feels like fall.

It does have that feel in the air. It may be warm during the day but as soon as the sun goes down, and it is going down earlier and earlier, the temperature drops. You can feel the cool marine air. The wind has a bit of a bite to it.

I love fall but it sure seems to be coming quick this year. That being said I am not a big fan of the really short days of winter. I looked it up and the sun will set at 4:18 on December 14th. Uhg. I’m already dreading it. Yeah I am one of those people who picks at scabs too.

But the up side of all this is fall! Hot cocoa, wind storms, heating the house with the wood stove, split pea soup, warm jackets, curling up reading without feeling guilty that I should be outside doing something. I sleep better too. I keep my bedroom cold and I love cuddling up in flannel sheets under my down comforter. Oh and the damn lawn shouldn’t need to be mowed!

I love the changing seasons best, spring and fall. I don’t know but the light is so soft and beautiful at those times of year. The temperatures are perfect and I like watching all the changes that happen. But when spring comes I’ll be ready.


I know I put my mojo somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.

Usually I am in full crazy project mode at this time, but not this year. I should probably just sit back and enjoy it.

But some how I just can’t, I feel like I should be doing something. I keep thinking I am forgetting something and it is going to come back to bite me. Even though it is still summer, the days are getting noticeably shorter already and I keep thinking what have I done this year?

When the days are short and cold in the winter I have no problem just hibernating, curling up with a book and doing nothing, but that is because I feel like I deserve it after a long busy summer of projects.

Well I hope I find my mojo soon! God knows I don’t want to have a major hole in an outside wall when the winds and the rains start! Maybe I just need to simultaneously start all those little projects that need finishing. The ones I always put off because I have something big in the works. I never have been good at the time consuming finish work, I’m male like that. It is way more fun to get out the big boys tools and tear something up that could cause the house to fall down. Now there’s a rush!

That could be my problem, I’m looking for a big rush of adrenalin and I just don’t get it carefully cutting trim to finish the fireplace surround.

I paint things

Besides hiking in the summer, I paint things.

Like my feet. I was thinking I could start a new pedicure fad.

I had to get a ceiling painted this weekend and this ceiling had to be done with a sprayer.  It finally got warm in Washington this weekend. So my brilliant idea to stay cool while in a small enclosed room wearing safety gear and a respirator mask was to do it bare foot. It didn’t help.

The lovely outfit with mask and safety glasses. I was so hot I decided to paint in my bare feet and serendipity I discover new nail art for the feet!

Great fun! Originally my brother had agreed to do the spraying if I taped and prepped the room. But he got a job! I think he did that on purpose. So I’m on my own doing this. I’ve never used an airless sprayer before.

Ok this thing doesn’t look anything like my little homeowners Wagner sprayer!

Well lets say the verbal directions to use this weren’t totally clear and most of the buttons and dials are hard to read due to all the paint on them. After at least one false start, a couple of phone calls to the rental place to get some additional information and two gallons of paint I am calling it done.

I eventually got enough paint stuck on the ceiling but not before I got it everywhere else first. Mostly on me. I now know how to use a paint sprayer, unfortunately this knowledge came about the time I ran out of paint.

And I painted the yard white too. Seriously my lawn looks like Christmas. I am sure my neighbors are trying to figure out what the hell is going on over here. Don’t tell, I like to keep them guessing.

Captain Clippy Clop

AKA Kick, Kick-a-poo Joy Boy, Skitter Biscuit, and sometimes just Dog.

He answers to all or none depending on his mood. He is going deaf but long before that he was selectively deaf. If he makes it to his next birthday this fall he will be twelve and for a Shar-Pei that is pretty damn old. He is a happy, arthritic, going deaf, losing his sight, old dog.

He gets the name Captain Clippy Clop from my brother. My brother sleeps in the living room when he stays with me and has informed me that my dog likes to meander around the house at night. I have hard wood floors. This cracks me up. I never hear it. I sleep in the bedroom with the door closed and hear nothing

We still go for a walk every day. The walks have become both shorter and longer. It takes him forever to walk around the block but he still wants to do it. When I get out his leash he does the tippy toe dance. He always starts out at a good clip but is definitely meandering by the time we get done.

Captain Clippy Clop

I don’t know what my life will be like without dogs. There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog.