Week One~going crazy

It is my first week of full time online student, full time work and part no time life!

This is how I felt doing my Algebra homework.

This is how I felt trying to doing my Algebra homework.

Still alive, barely, I think. The usual stress, fatigue and overwhelmed feelings and then add some unexpected bullshit. So everything is normal, I guess. Hopefully things will start to settle down and I’ll find my stride.

Feels like all I’ve been doing is homework. Oh yeah that is all I’ve been doing! Too bad writing blog posts doesn’t count as doing English homework. My ass is starting to make a permanent impression on my couch. Nice visual, huh? Anyways I’m alive and hope to be back here commenting again soon.

By the way I leave for five minutes and they completely change WP? What the hell like I don’t have enough shit to deal with?


I was going to post something nice.

Last night I wrote this thoughtful post on finding a moment of tranquility.

I spent quite some time contemplating, writing and editing a post. Something semi serious and, at least I thought, a nice post about dealing with stress.

Then either WP or the internet fucking glitched and lost most of my post! So screw it! There went all my damned hard earned peace! The world is not meant to know the kind, sweet gentle me; oh hell she doesn’t even exist for all you know!  So back to normal.

This is me being tranquil ~ NOT

~ This is me being tranquil ~

By the way I did not find my tranquility in a glass, or a bottle for that matter. Did you know I used to be a bartender? No? Yes, I was a good one too, or at least I made good money doing it. But I just couldn’t handle all the damn drunks. Seriously. Did you know that if you add enough alcohol everyone, and I mean everyone, becomes stupid, angry or morose. Yep, if you add enough alcohol it will happen. I hate talking to stupid people. You can not have a conversation with stupid.  You are too drunk when I am telling you you’re a moron and you think it’s a compliment. Not that I like angry or sad people, but at least with angry drunks I could just throw them out. It is a little harder with depressed ones (aren’t all drunks depressed), I had to ignore them until they became total pain in the asses and then I could throw them out.

So anyways, not a bartender anymore. Interestingly I pretty much gave up drinking after that. Did I mention everyone becomes stupid with alcohol? I hate being stupid, so I quit drinking.

So I became a hair stylist. No comments about being stupid.

A lot of the same people but at least they are sober. Smart, interesting sober people are better than drunks. A smart, interesting drunk person is still drunk and it tends to cancel out the first two things. I still deal with angry and sad people sometimes but it is easier to understand to them when they aren’t slurring their words and repeating themselves.

Happy Holidays from the angry atheist!

Happy Holidays from the Angry Atheist!

Random musings from the farm

Things pass through my brain and then are gone. Strange thoughts soon to be lost but then I decided maybe I’d try to remember them and write a post about it. Lucky you, feel free to leave now.

Why are girls clothing getting tighter as boys are getting looser? It has gotten to the point of craziness.

I have no idea how some of those girls even get into their pants or how the boys defy the laws of gravity with theirs. I think there should be some middle ground here. How about everyone just wear clothes that actually fit? You know ones you can actually breath in but not use as a car cover in a pinch.

Pitch black outside and two men are standing on my porch. Scared the shit out of me. When they knocked I yelled “Who is it?”  They replied with “Missionaries.” I won’t repeat what I said but they left. This is not the first time this has happened. How the hell do I know they are missionaries? You think I am opening my door to two strange men at night? Hell no! WTF are they thinking? I know I was tempted to open the door and point a gun at them. Just for a second. But I’d never do that, it breaks one of the cardinal rules of gun ownership, don’t point a gun at someone you’re not planning on shooting. But it did cross my mind. Don’t judge, the look on their faces would have been priceless.



Recipe websites, I love them, they are great for finding new ideas. I don’t bake much anymore because I am a killer baker and I eat it. Who bakes yummy, rich treats and then has the will power to not eat it? But here is my beef, most sites have a rating/comment section for people to talk about the recipe or any changes they tried. You see these comments from people trashing the recipe and then it goes on to say they made all these god awful substitutions! Don’t trash a recipe if you didn’t actually follow it. If you decide to remove all the sugar, fat, salt, gluten, protein etc of course it is going to taste like shit basically you are left with water and smelly air. It isn’t the original recipe’s fault you got something that tastes like stale soylent green. There are websites for people like you, try hipsterveganrecipe.com or allergictoeverythingincludingair.com.

Speaking of making good things to eat, I found a recipe for glazed mixed nuts I have been dying to try. What was I thinking? I can’t stay out of them. Yes I tweaked the recipe, I know what I like and I wanted to add some heat to them. They were a sweet/salty mix and I knew I’d like them with just a bit of heat. Yep they are good, too damn good.

Oh and back to the poor choice of pants I’ll leave you with this. Jeggings look horrible on everyone, especially men.

Even Conan O’Brian pull off jeggings!