Birthday Post

I think birthdays are cool.

I like having birthdays. To anyone that complains about them, all I have to say is “Drop dead.”

So that being said, I’m not really doing anything special this year. Some years I do and some years I don’t, but I do do whatever I feel on my birthday. I have been lucky that I have a job where I can take the day off no matter when it falls. This year it is on a Sunday, and I don’t work anyways, but to make up for it I am taking tomorrow off. Whoo-hoo.

I am catching up on homework. I know sounds boring but it makes me feel good to know I have got that taken care of. Think I might go all out and bother to shave my legs. (shaving seems to be a big search term on my blog? Go figure, I’ll just go with it.)

Some friends are taking me out for pizza tonight. I love pizza. I also love cookies, and a friend of mine makes me a batch of these totally, addicting, to die for, heath bar cookies every year. I don’t mean cookies with little crumbles of heath bar, I mean cookies with chunks the size a quarter of a bar on top. She dropped them off Friday, they were gone by Saturday morning. I have no self-control.

Looking at pictures of cake made me hungry!

Looking at pictures of cake made me hungry!

So that is my day. If feels right this year. I am happy. I am alive! Another year older and still here. It is a good day!


Old before her time

Sometimes my job brings me into contact with some amazing people; people I would have never known about.

I met a young woman this month that completely amazed me. She will be seventeen tomorrow but she is much more mature than most adults. She is funny, smart and has a good attitude. She may be young and still has a lot of questions about life but she has a lot more answers than most kids her age.

From talking to her I found out that she has a job, goes to the alternative high school program so that she can work. She is living here with her mother and is an only child. Her parents recently divorced and it was nasty.

She pays half the rent and her own expenses with the wages from her job. The divorce left her mother financially and emotionally drained. This young woman is taking care of herself and her mom. Basically she is an adult even though legally she is still a minor.

She would like to get her GED but it requires her mothers signature to do so. It isn’t that this girl doesn’t want to go to school but right now she just wants to work. She has too much on her plate for someone so young. She just wants to only have one job (two if you count taking care of her mother) for a while, while she figures out what she wants to do with her life. Working and going to school is exhausting her. The irony is she needs the signature of the person she is taking care of to get her GED. I am not saying anything against her mother. Actually I feel sorry for what her mother has gone through, it sounds like it was a really bad divorce, they lost their house and had to move.

I also learned that tomorrow is this girl’s birthday. She has to work and doesn’t really have anything planned to celebrate it. She is still new to the area and doesn’t have many friends yet.

I am a firm believer that everyone should have cake for their birthday. I spent too many birthdays making my own damn cake. There were quite a few things about this girl’s story that reminded me of my childhood. I remember what it was like to not have anyone celebrate my birthday.

So tomorrow I am going to take her a cupcake. Everyone deserves cake on their birthday. This girl deserves a whole lot more but at least I can make sure she gets a birthday cake.