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Top search term of the day~the bitch that trolled Christmas
Thanks for the laughs!

I also noticed I have 666 comments on my blog so far, coincidence?


I talk to myself

Or why I blog part 2. I talk to myself, a lot.

Usually in my head but out loud sometimes. And these aren’t short conversations, like am I out of milk? No these are long colloquies. I talk to myself, answer, disagree, argue, discuss. There is quite the symposium going on in my head.

Maybe I spend too much time alone.

I know I enjoy the conversations and blogging is very similar to the internal dialog I have. I am not sure if everyone talks to themselves the way I do. There is definitely at least two “voices” in my head, I mean you can’t have an argument with one person. No I am not saying there is someone else in my head, but I do have  point and counter point conversations with myself.

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Blogging is an extension of this. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I am a little touched. In a way it allows me to legitimize what I already do. I figure with so many people blogging either I am not so different or we are all rage egotists, or a bit of both.

Do you talk to yourself? Do you answer and argue with yourself?

Blog Killer

It sure seems like every time I start to like and follow a blog it ends.

So if I don’t follow your blog maybe you should be grateful! I will find a really interesting, cool blog and just start to get into it and then NOTHING! The person just stops posting. I swear I am the Blog Killer!

It is kind of like street lights. They go dark when ever I get close to them. I’ll be walking along and suddenly the street light in front of my goes out. All the other ones around are working but for no apparent reason the one I’m closest to just suddenly goes dark.

It is like that with the blogs I follow. I mean I’m not trying to jinx anyone but what is it? Is there some sort of weird electro-magnetic field around me that kills street lights and blogs?

Maybe I shouldn’t say this out loud cause no one will want to follow my blog because they will be afraid that I will follow theirs and steal all their mojo.