Birthday Post

I think birthdays are cool.

I like having birthdays. To anyone that complains about them, all I have to say is “Drop dead.”

So that being said, I’m not really doing anything special this year. Some years I do and some years I don’t, but I do do whatever I feel on my birthday. I have been lucky that I have a job where I can take the day off no matter when it falls. This year it is on a Sunday, and I don’t work anyways, but to make up for it I am taking tomorrow off. Whoo-hoo.

I am catching up on homework. I know sounds boring but it makes me feel good to know I have got that taken care of. Think I might go all out and bother to shave my legs. (shaving seems to be a big search term on my blog? Go figure, I’ll just go with it.)

Some friends are taking me out for pizza tonight. I love pizza. I also love cookies, and a friend of mine makes me a batch of these totally, addicting, to die for, heath bar cookies every year. I don’t mean cookies with little crumbles of heath bar, I mean cookies with chunks the size a quarter of a bar on top. She dropped them off Friday, they were gone by Saturday morning. I have no self-control.

Looking at pictures of cake made me hungry!

Looking at pictures of cake made me hungry!

So that is my day. If feels right this year. I am happy. I am alive! Another year older and still here. It is a good day!


Tempting fate

I didn’t buy any Halloween candy this year.

In the eight years I have lived in this house I have never gotten a trick or treater. Of course the six years that I turned the porch light off might not count.

There are practically no children in my neighborhood. I always bought candy though, you know just in case and always something I really liked. Ah yeah, can’t waste chocolate you know.

This year I didn’t. So now I can’t decide if I’m happy with that decision or not. Do you think any of the good candy will be left to go on sale tomorrow? At least I won’t have to worry about having my house TPed because I was the lady that handed out apples.

Some days are like that

Some days are cookie days.

It isn’t a bad day put I sure have been craving pizza today. I need to invite my brother over to help me out around the house because then I’ll have a good excuse for ordering a pizza. If I get one by myself I will eat it ~ all. It is so much easier to resist if someone is watching. Otherwise I just keep meandering by and having another bite and before I know it the entire thing is gone and I feel a little bit sick. It isĀ embarrassingĀ to think I can finish off an entire pizza by myself, at least when no one is looking. Willpower has nothing on pizza and chocolate.