Birthday Post

I think birthdays are cool.

I like having birthdays. To anyone that complains about them, all I have to say is “Drop dead.”

So that being said, I’m not really doing anything special this year. Some years I do and some years I don’t, but I do do whatever I feel on my birthday. I have been lucky that I have a job where I can take the day off no matter when it falls. This year it is on a Sunday, and I don’t work anyways, but to make up for it I am taking tomorrow off. Whoo-hoo.

I am catching up on homework. I know sounds boring but it makes me feel good to know I have got that taken care of. Think I might go all out and bother to shave my legs. (shaving seems to be a big search term on my blog? Go figure, I’ll just go with it.)

Some friends are taking me out for pizza tonight. I love pizza. I also love cookies, and a friend of mine makes me a batch of these totally, addicting, to die for, heath bar cookies every year. I don’t mean cookies with little crumbles of heath bar, I mean cookies with chunks the size a quarter of a bar on top. She dropped them off Friday, they were gone by Saturday morning. I have no self-control.

Looking at pictures of cake made me hungry!

Looking at pictures of cake made me hungry!

So that is my day. If feels right this year. I am happy. I am alive! Another year older and still here. It is a good day!


I know why bikers shave

I always wondered by bicyclists shaved.

I heard it was if you got road rash the hairs wouldn’t get all stuck in the scabs. Ehwww, gross. I had also been told it was to cut down on wind drag, yeah right maybe it you are in the Olympics. So why is my girlfriend’s husband shaving? I always thought he was a closet drag queen.

Well now I know and I know I need to shave.

I finally broke down and got some of those shiny black bike tights.

Pearl Izumi shiny tights

All right everyone can quit snickering now. No I did not buy the ones with the chamois butt pad. I have been working my ass off, literally, so why would I then go buy a stupid pair of pants that make my ass look big? Or like I’m wearing a diaper?

I bought the pants because they are tight around the ankles so I don’t have to worry about catching my pants in the chain or have to remember to have one of those velcro things to wrap around my ankle.

And so I learned why bicyclist shave. Those pants have zippers on the bottom so you can get your big foot through them without falling over. Well that means you have to zip them down your leg. If you have long hair it catches it and rips it out. That shit hurts! DAMN.

Yes my leg hair is was that long. I’m single, screw it I’m not shaving.

So now that I shaved I dang well better get a date. I mean I really am looking high class now. I stand out when I go to the Co-op grocery store, all those hippie women are giving me the stink eye. Or it could be because I wax my stache off, wear makeup and deodorant!! Actually I’m surprised they even let me in the Co-op come to think of it.

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